This just in!
From those fine boys and girls at SIL2K:

Tonight, Thursday November 30th, in conjuction with the one year
anniversary of the WTO riots, I-Spy presents:

A multi-media variety show featuring:

Axolotl / Eyvind Kang & Timothy Young / Eric Apoe / Knowbody Project
with DJ Bumblebee / The Sweet Science / Christopher DeLaurenti

Seattle, I-Spy, 1921 Fifth Ave. (alley entrance), 8 pm

An evening of adventurous music and dance to mark the one-year
anniversary of of the epochal WTO-N30 events in Seattle.

Axolotl is a twin guitar-driven avant-power quartet featuring notorious
plectrists Dennis Rea and Bill Horist, electric bassist Ryan Berg, and
(in his first appearance with the group) drummer Randy Doak. The group
performs wildly varied sets of original compositions ranging from
maniacal punk-jazz to Taiwanese taxicab ditties to twisted metal,
interspersed with explosive improvisations.

Eric Apoe is the proverbial voice crying in the wilderness, daring to
tell it like it is in his affecting 'songs of love and doom.' Eric's
striking lyrics and hoary vocals cut to the heart of the human
condition, accompanied by the imaginative neo-chamber arrangements of
his group They.

The kNOWBODY PROJECT (featuring Todd from Circle of Fire) revels in
ultra-modern expressionism combining dance, improvisation, and visual
art, backed up by DJ Bumblebee -- be sure you keep your gas masks handy!

Meanwhile, The Sweet Science will be drop some dark, dystopian
indie-jazz-pop upon the huddled masses yearning to be free. And we can
only guess what strange musical molitov cocktail Eyvind Kand and Timothy
Young will stir the rabble with.

And throughout the night noted composer Christopher DeLaurenti will be
playing excerpts from his WTO tape-collage piece "N30" between the sets.

So throw a fist in the air and show The Man who's boss!!!

Don't fall for the wily fear-mongering propaganda of our so-called
"leaders" -- come out to I-Spy, 1921 Fifth Ave, tonight and celebrate
N30 with the kind of music and performance that makes those big,
multi-national cooperate goons wet themselves in sheer, stark terror!



I've been up for almost 20 hours now, due to the noise from the installation of the a new furnace, ducts and water heater going on in our basement right now. I'm not tired due to the huge amounts of Coke, coffee and chocolate ingested last night at work. We cranked out something like 120 images, almost a new record for a single shift! As it was, the night was pretty relaxed. Curt (my assistant) and I cranked up the stereo and rocked out to Archers of Loaf, Polvo, Slint, SDRE, Built To Spill, Pavement, Dio and Sebadoh, with a couple of deep house CDs thrown in to change the groove.
Its now my 'weekend' and I gotta start thinkin' about the trouble I'm gonna get into and...oh yeah, I gotta do some laundry...and write a letter to my goddaughter.
Anyway, my good friend and the hardest working DJ I know, DJ Aaron is sitting in today with MissKick over at Groovetech's GT Seattle Radio today from 4-6. Check 'em if ya can, y'all.
I recently met David McFadzean of David McFadzean's Memetic Nexus at a wedding about month ago. Having read some of his works, I was expecting a wild-eyed Mad Scientist/Rasputin type.
Instead, I met a very friendly clean-cut Canadian fella who was as nice as pie. So was his wife, Barbara.
Check out his works if you're interested in memetics, technology, extropy and discussions of religion.
The man has dropped some SERIOUS science on me-it was hard not to gush like a teenager at a Britney Spears concert!!
Oh, yes. Very soon these shall be mine!


Keep yr eyes peeled, 'cause mutants abound!
WTO Anniversary-Stacey says: Not again!


I'm happy to annouce that KMO and his wife Lara became parents to their new son Logan last Friday!


Platinum Grit iz rilly kewl. I just can't wait until it all makes sense...
My visit with Mom Wednesday was cool, I found out that she likes deep house music...who'dathunk?! I loaned her discs by the Peace Orchestra and Mark Farina.
Later on that day, I wound up buying close to $100 worth of new CDs. I bought The Alkaline Trio, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Twilight Singers, The Chambers Brothers, Erykah Badu and Deathray.
Dan and I went to Paula's on Thursday night. The usual suspects were there. We ate, drank and played 'Scruples', then headed to Barca to do more drinking!
On Friday, Stu and I went to visit his friend Jennifer, she's subletting a really cool apartment over the Pike Place Market and wanted to have a housewarming. We houng out for awhile and then headed to Tess and Aaron's place for Orphan's Thanksgiving, which is a tradition started by Matt D. after he and a friend moved out here from NY about 5 years ago. Since many of the folks in my circle of friends moved here from out of town, its a nice way to celebrate Turkey Day with those you love anyway.
Tess, Aaron and their friend Ryan just moved into a HUGE old house in the Central District, and its a really cool place. Aaron and Ryan had their turntables set up upstairs and we took turns playing records for the folks downstairs.
Dinner was excellent! The stuffing and Turkey were amazing! We also had ham, green beans, stuffed mushrooms & yams.
For dessert we had pumpkin pie and the stuffed baked pears I bought.
We spend the rest of the evening talking and listening to music. It was so warm and cozy in the house, people kept zonking out , I fell asleep twice! I got home around 2AM.
Saturday was really mellow. Stu, X-tina and I went to Cafe Septieme for breakfast (my co-worker Dante and his wife Kim were also there) and wandered around Broadway for awhile. Stu bought some CD's and clothes and I ran into Mike C. a guy I hadn't seen in over ten years!
We caught a movie "Best Of Show", then went back to Stu's to hang out. Adam joined us, we made some drinks and then headed across the street to Shallots Asian Bistro for some high-priced Chinese food.
Then it was up to Barca! My lovely co-worker Theresa joined us, as did Marjan, Antonio and his friend Roberto (visitng from Italy),Maria, Elizabeth, Neil, Neil and Susan. Later on, we went down to The Baltic Room and danced to 80's music.
Now its back to work tonight...


Random Ramblings
Last night, Dan and I packed up our tunes and headed up to Barca to spin some ska, reggae, funk & soul. Theresa, Corine, Michelle, Scott, Laurie, Trumaine, Marjan & Neil were all there and we had a blast! I was especially psyched to play some LPs I'd, uh...acquired from my mother. Jerry Butler, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Joe Simon and Brook Benton all got on the turntable last night.
DJing is a strange thing. Some people have such an emotional connection to the music, its like they can't help but make comments to you about your selections. In my experience, this is usually a bad thing, but last night was OK. I got requests for The Clash, Derrick Morgan, Desmond Dekker and Toots and the Maytals.
Dan and I switched off, playing short sets and best of all-we got paid in drinks!
I have two more days of personal time I have to use or lose before the end of the year, so maybe I'll get to play again real soon.

I'm supposed to go over to my mother's house today and hang out with her. Due to religious reasons, she doens't observe Thanksgiving so I'm free to hang out with my friends that day. I'm Planning to stop by Tower and pick up some tunes as a gift. I haven't gotten her any new music in a long time. She has a 60 disc changer, CD are a tad too expensive.
Wow, its sunny out...better get crackin'...


This just in-An online newspaper written by staffers of Seattle's two major newspapers (currently on strike)Seattle Union Record (via Johnny 2X!)
Submitted for your amusement-Four of my favorite online comic strips (I just got my 'Got Wang?' T-Shirt from the Penny-Arcade Boys!):
This is for hardcore game freaks: Penny Arcade Cartoons So if you don't know who John Romero is or you don't care for wang jokes, then this probably isn't for you.
More like a cute soap opera-but this one seems to get better with time: Cool Cat Studio
Part diary, part philosophy lesson, all good, c-realm [daily comic] is put out by my friend Kevin.
Sinfest has cracked me up many times. Surprisingly intelligent and willfully dumb all at the same time.


Good afternoon!
As I had surmised, Heidi wasn't able to make over yesterday. She called at 10:30 and sounded terrible! We chatted for awhile and we're gonna try hooking up again in a couple of weeks. The change in the weather really did her in.
Tess came over around noon and tried to fix my frequently crashing computer. We reinstalled the OS and tried a number of fixes but we were unsuccessful. To anyone worried that computers will someday take over the world, I say: HA!!
While Tess was here, Free dropped by with some CDs he wanted me to burn for him. I showed him some of the records I'd swiped from my mother and played him some Grover Washington Jr. and some of the Commodore's old stuff.
Tess left around 2:30 and I spent the next couple of hours installing software and drivers on my PC. Then I ordered a pizza from Stacia's and kicked back.
I wasn't sure what I was going to do that evening. sub_sonic was playing at Nation/I-Spy, but since I was there the night before, I wasn't keen on returning. Then Scott called and told me he was thinking about going to a party some of his Amazon co-workers were throwing on Queen Anne Hill. I told him I'd like to tag along. Even though most of the Amazonians I've met are all too young, educated and serious to be any real fun, who knew who else might be there?
Sure enough, who do I see when we arrive at the party? Quite simply, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World-Caryn B!
After getting set up with some beers and sushi, Caryn, Scott, Michele-Ann and couple other guys threw on a disco CD and started dancing in the living room. The rest of the squares hung out in the back, looking at us like we'd lost out minds. Caryn was like, "Hey, I'm never gonna see these people again!"
After about an hour Caryn invited us to another party. It was a friend of her's birthday and he'd rented a bus for a pub crawl.
Scott and I followed Caryn down to her friend Adam's place on Capitol Hill and we proceeded to 'get on the bus'. There were about 20 people there and I knew several of them.
Everyone was drinking and having a blast. As we got seated, I started singing 'Manner Des Westens' by Falco and a guy in the seat in front of me turned around and told me that he was from Austria and the that he was a huge Falco fan.
Scott and and guy get to talking and it turns out that they'd met before in Austria a few years back. Talk about coincidence!
We got off the bus in Belltown at Ohana and piled into the bar. I bought a round, getting myself a Mai Tai, then yakked with Kathy,Caryn, Carmel, Lisa, Caitlin. Adam and introduced myself to some other folks whose names I can't remember. After an hour or so we headed to The Down Under to do some dancing.
The Down Under was really crowded and smokey but the techno was pumping, so after wandering around for a bit, I hit the stage and got my groove on. I ran into Jason Black, I guy I hadn't seen in 6-7 years who was married to a girl I used to work with. About half our party went over to I-Spy, but Scott and I stayed put, dancing with Caryn and Kathy.
We headed back to the bus around 2 and got dropped off on Broadway. Caryn, Kathy, Scott and a couple of guys went to Cafe Minnie's for breakfast, then we walked back to Adam's where the cars were.
Scott dropped me off at home around 4AM...
I was supposed to visit my mother today, but she just called and said she wanted to reschedule-so I'll head out on Tuesday. I'm going to go to Tower before heading into work today...its time for some new tunes...


Heidi didn't make it over Friday, due fatigue and some poor planning on her part. She says she is going to come over early so that we can go to breakfast and hang out. She's currently fighting a cold, so I'm a bit pessimistic about her actually showing up.
Lady Tess says she's coming over today to help me with my computer problems, which may culminate in me installing W2K over again. Its a tedious and time consuming task to say the least, but I'll also have to opportunity to clean up a lot of the junk on my machine. Plus, I'll have a MS certified techie helping configure it!
I went to Beer:30 today at work and had a few Mirror Ponds on the company. BS'd with the Fellas and the lovely and talented Michelle and Ms. Jade. I tried talking people into coming down to I-Spy, but most of the guys in my department were going off to play pool, then karaoke at the Bush Garden later. So I went home to meet Oani around 7:30.
Oani arrived on time and she and I went to The Bay in Northgate for some Prime Rib. I hadn't seen her in awhile and was glad she came up all the way from Puyallup to see me. She even bought dinner-bless her heart!
Then we went to see Sex Machine (DJs Free and KO spinning Ol' Skool Soul, R&B and Funk) at Nation/I-Spy tonight with Tabitha, Oani, Stu, Dan and Laurie. Groove Collective was playing downstairs to a packed house. I don't really care for jam bands, usually just some egghead musos wanking each other off, so I didn't stay down there for long.
Upstairs didn't really get going until late in the night. I think the kids feared the funk. Even though I'd planned to, I really didn't do much dancing. Instead I talked to Tab all night about God, philosophy and the pitfalls of ageing. Tabitha is the epitome of grace and sweetness, I feel lucky to know her. We hugged a lot, happy to be hanging out again. I totally smell like her as I write this...she wears Vanilla perfume. Unfortunately, her boyfriend Glenn wasn't able to join us tonight, he-like a lot of people I know-was home sick.
I think I'll probably head off to bed soon. If Heidi IS coming, I'll need to be ready, although I might just make her climb into bed and watch cartoons with me...


Its out! More hours of my life wasted...


The Chameleons UK entered my life at a very weird time. I was 19 years old, stuck in the rapidly constricting cocoon of my teenage years. I felt like I was in suspended animation, waiting for that magical age of 21.
I'd heard 'Mad Jack' and 'Swamp Thing' on the radio (KJET-R.I.P.) and
I searched in vain for their cassette 'Strange Times', until I found it on a trip to Vancouver in January of '87.
The songs captured my ears and brain for quite awhile. Majestic epics of melancholy, odes to the isolated, the lonely-reflected how I felt. Yet there was hope and joy, too.
They toured and played Seattle (I missed it) and then broke up shortly after.
Since they weren't that popular (having arrived when alternative really was alternative) I don't think I have ever seen their catalog
available in the States before. And I've only known of two others that were into them.
But there is good news...hence the post. They're back and I couldn't be happier!
Please check 'em out...and tell me what you think.
soultheft. Phsst! He's at it again...Hide the children and small animals...
ANIMAL-ANIMA Is just too dang freaky for words. A lot of effort went into this-but all I can ask is: Why?!
(Thanks J.R.)



BTW-I have seen the light, repented and shall sin no more, due to having had my ass blistered by these guys two days in a row. Now, my only purpose in life is to give St. Martsch all my cash so that he may continue his Holy Works. Amen
Haven't updated much 'cause nothing interesting has happened...Just going to work and whatnot. Of course, this will be a Statanically Wonderful weekend as I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of one of my Bestest Friends, Ms. Heidi D.! She's leaving the hinterlands of Bremerton to hang out with me this weekend. I'm totally psyched about the visit-its been months since she's come this way!
Heidi and I have a long and 'interesting' history but thoughout the many highs and lows of our relationship, one thing has remained consistant and that is our mutual love for one another.
Don't tell her this-but I'm gonna get her tanked on Tequila, take her out and get her to dance on a table...its been so long! Those of you who were with me in the Brick Street days know what I'm talking about.

Also, if you live in town and are free on Friday 11/17, please come on down to I-Spy/Nation for Sex Machine II, where DJ's Free and K.O. (from ICQ) will be spinning old-school funk, soul and R&B. Come getcher groove oawn! I'm hoping the lovely Milkana and her crew will make an appearance as well.

Well, better get back to work...more later.
Hmmm. The Plot Thickens...


Man, am I tired! I wound up just going out for a couple of drinks with Stu Friday night. The ladies were tired and wanted to conserve their strength for the rash of parties going on Saturday night.
I met Stu at his apartment and we headed down to the Frontier Room. We drank Rolling Rock (I had a shot of Bushmill's), ate a couple of plates of greasy french fries and talked about the elections and the possible outcomes of all the hubub. Along the way, I ran into an old friend from Junior High and High School and we chatted a bit. Turned out Andy and his friend Brett were also out 'lookin' for love in all the wrong places'.
I got home around 2AM and played Delta Force 2 into 3AM. I knew I had to get up and 6:30AM in order to make it to Jay's house by 7:30. I laid out my paintball clothes and slept fitfully until the alarm went off.
I got to Jay's house on Beacon Hill right on time. I love the early morning, there was almost no traffic and it was so quiet. I listened to my new St. Germaine CD on the way out.
Sir Tim the Goode was already at Jay's house when I pulled up. I threw my stuff into Tim's car, we went inside and had a Coke and then the three of us headed off to Fauntleroy to catch our boat. We ran into Bryan on the ferry to Southworth, which was good-since none of us in Tim's car had bothered to print out the directions. As it was we still had to call Jason W.'s wife Elizabeth to get 'em.
Upon arriving at the paintball field, I was dismayed to find the elbow on my painball gun was missing! So I had to use a rental Tippmann Carbine.
Let me tell you, it was COLD out!
After much herding, everyone in our group got their guns, chrono'd and headed up to the fields. My only goal for the day was to play better than I id the last time we went. I think I did so, although I only know for sure that I took out one person all day. J.R.'s wife Kim took to paintball like a fish to water. The field owner named her "Player of the Week" for Kim's ferocity on the speedball field and tried to recruit her for an all female team!
We took a break around 1:30 for lunch. I don't know why, but it seemed to get even colder out. I was so hopped up on adrenaline, that I passed on lunch. After about 40 minutes we rechrono'd and headed back into the woods...
Everyone was pretty much worn out by 4PM, so we all piled into our cars and headed over to Jason W.'s for BBQ. I skipped eating. I just drank Corona and nibbled on snacks-eventually I had some of Elizabeth's home-made apple pie.
Jason W. built a bonfire in his backyard and we sat around telling stories. I couldn't get warm, despite the fire so I was happy to catch the 10:30 boat for home...
I tried to update as I walked in the door, but wound up taking a long shower to get some heat back into me.
I plan to spend all day in bed tomorrow, before I go to work at 6PM.


Wow, last night was a blast!
Maria called me and said that she and Elizabeth were going out and that I should join them. I agreed. I was feeling MUCH better after doing some retail therapy (new clothes, bedding, new PC game & CDs) and was eager to see some people. Shortly after Maria's call, I got one from Laura saying that she had tickets to the Thievery Corporation show at the Showbox and since her BF Mike didn't want to go, would I like to?
I decided to see the show, so I called Maria and told her I was changing plans.
Well, since it was early and I didn't have anything to do, I headed over to Laura's house. Unfortunately, she wouldn't let me watch Smackdown, so we looked at some outtakes from Mission Impossible 2 and watched Charmed. Laura was rapidly wilting, but she kept sayig she wanted to see the show. Finally she caved, saying she was too tired. She gave me the tickets and told me to either use 'em of give them away. I called Maria back and found out that she and Elizabeth were still going to the Baltic Room, so I hopped in my car and headed down there.
Free was working the door, so I stopped and chatted with him for awhile. He and Kento and doing another night of soul, R&B and funk down at I-Spy next week. We also talked about getting together and doing some filming for his show on cable access, The Free Show. (1AM on Tuesdays, Channel 29-I think)
Tim, Marjan, Maria, Elizabeth and Marjan's friend Kari were all at the bar.
Marjan looked gorgeous, as usual and she asked me to dance. LaMovita was playing, so I did my best to salsa, but dancing with such a tiny woman made me feel 3 times more clumsy and awkward than usual, so I was happy to bail after three songs.
I wound up giving the tickets to Maria and Elizabeth, who went down and saw the show and came back around midnight.
Elizabeth and I talked books, Tim and I checked out the ladies, Kari and I sampled various drinks and Marjan gave me a wonderful hand massage...
I think we're all going out again tonight!!
I came home around 2AM and played 'Delta Force 2' until 4, then went to bed. Got up around 10:30 and headed downtown on the bus to meet Patty for lunch. We had Japanese food and this cool new place on 5th Avenue.
Its was really nice out today, kind of a perfect fall afternoon. I bought a balacava from the Army/Navy Store on 1st for paintball tomorrow. I don't wanna freeze my face running around in the cold at 10AM...sheesh.
Anyway, I'm going to head upstairs to the kitchen and make some dinner.


Good, uh, morning.
I woke up around 5PM and decided I didn't feel like going out after all. I did some laundry, slept a bit longer and channel surfed, then went back to sleep. I certainly needed the rest, I wasn't feeling so hot.
The TV stayed and the voices entered my dreams. Turned out 'Yes, Prime Minister' was on...I gotta get away from politics somehow!
I watched the news around 11, but there was nothing new on, just talking heads trying to explain all the egg on their faces from the election specticle. Its weird, I've got that same burnt-out feeling I get after the holidays-where I just want to sleep through January and Februrary. Living in the dark most of the time is strating to take its toll, all right.
I talked with Karen and Stu on the phone. Karen says she's going back to school. She's taking the GRE tomorrow. I swear that girl is not happy unless she's running herself ragged. Stu and I laugh about how absurd the election was getting and got caught up with each other from the weekend. Maybe I'll get to hang out with him tomorrow.
I think I'm gonna go back to bed now. My cold is almost gone (thank goodness!) and I want to run some errands and maybe see if Patty and I can do lunch later on.


The Day After...
I am returned to my lovely home in Ballard. My news blackout didn't last very long, I'm afraid. Stuck with some unusually boring work last night I couldn't help but look at abcnews.com and metafilter from time to time to see what was up. Oddly enough, I'm pretty much at peace with the whole thing. I've always believed that we get what we deserve, so...we'll see.
Otherwise, I'm tired and fighting a cold. I feel restless for some reason. I'm off my groove and don't know why. Some cool things are on the horizon, so I have't given in to the doldrums, however.
If all goes well, I get to play paintball with the guys from work this weekend. I ordered a metal front bolt, vertical adaptor, expansion chamber and car stock for my Tippmann Model 98 Marker. The parts should arrive in a couple of days. I just hope the weather cooperates, 'cause this is it until spring.
Later on today, I will be heading up to The Baltic Room to see my friend DJ Aaron spin downtempo from 6-9pm. Hopefully, some of my Tribe will show up, there's a few folks I haven't seen in a couple of weeks.

Well, I better head off to bed now.


Its finally here, Election Day 2000!
I got off work, came home, made up my 'cheat sheet' and headed off to the polling place at Trinity Methodist Church. I had my ballot in hand at 8:04 and had to wait 15 minutes just to get a booth! I imagine the joint will REALLY be jumpin' around 6:30 tonight.
As it was, I got a kick out of listening to the election officials (mostly old folks) teasing each other. The machine that counts the ballots was broken and one the old guys was teasing the repair lady, saying he was going to go out to his car and get his concealed weapon if she didn't hurry up...strange.
On the way home, I played 'The Long Cut' by Uncle Tupelo in the car in honor of the occaision.
After all the buildup, actually voting seems anticlimatic. I'm planning a news blackout for as long as I possibly can...which, with the net, TV and radio, probably won't be that long. At least I'll be asleep most of the day and if I stay off the net and entirely focused at work, I won't know anything until this time tomorrow.
Ya'know, I lost my virginity the day George Sr. won back in '88 (yeah, I know-late bloomer). and since there doesn't look like there's any chance of me hookin' up tonight, I'm predicting a Gore victory...
Anyway, if you haven't yet-I'd encourage everyone to get out there and participate. Vote your conscience, your interest or both!!


I found this religious tolerance site the other day and read a few articles...very interesting and I hope you enjoy it too...


We're back! Back at work that is.
On Saturday I went to visit some friends, I got about three hours sleep, got washed and dressed and headed north to Edmonds to catch the 1:30 ferry to Kingston.
From there, I drove through Port Gamble to the Hood Canal Bridge, where I was met by Heidi, Chad and Patty. Chad jumped in the car with me and we followed Heidi and Patty to Heidi's parent's (Dea and Ian) house in Quilcene.
The Otto family's favorite holiday is Halloween, so they really go all out in decorating! Since all of us had plans last weekend, Dea decided to leave the stuff up and invite all of us over for dinner. There were cobwebs everywhere and lights and laughing skulls, etc. Heidi had on a indian maiden's outfit and was calling herself Pocaheidi, Heidi's younger sister Creedence had on her Vampire outfit and Patty had on a stewardess' outfit with a blond wig.
Dinner was great! We had ham, potato salad, angels on horseback (oysters wrapped in bacon), hot crab dip, various cheeses, fondue, rum punch, cupcakes & macaroons.
I brought my Best of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds disc, 'cause I figured that Dea would really like it. She did!
We sat around and got caught up with each other and just hung out. Dea told me a really funny story about how one of the locals bagged a deer in Silverdale in the parking lot of an HMO admin. building! Apparantly, since Silverdale is an unimcorporated city and the guy had a license, the cops couldn't do anything!
I was fighting sleep after dinner, so when we left, I decided to go to Bemerton to crash at Chad and Patty's place rather than try and navigate the dark roads by myself.
Chad and I watched 'Scarface' on DVD. I hadn't seen it before and I gotta say I was unimpressed. I thought the story was poorly executed and if it had something to say, it got buried in all the cliches.
Anyway, I wound up not being able to sleep and I caught the 6:25AM ferry back to Seattle.
My favorite view of the city is from the ferry, so I stood out on the deck for several minutes as we drew close. it was overcast and cold, but the wind on my face and the deep rumble of the ferry's engines made it really pleasant.
On arriving home, I watched some cartoons I'd taped (sick, I know) and crashed around 10.


Well, the show was great! All three bands (I didn't mention Cratewasher-Sorry guys and Thanks to Paul for the demo CD!!) turned in fine performances.
SushiRobo is headed off to the studio today to begin work on the their first full-length release and the men of Suset Valley (now a trio) report their new album will appear sometime around March. The new songs sounded nice and I can't wait to hear the disc.
I also ran into my coworker Ben, we've seen each other 'out and about' and it was nice to actually have a conversation this time!
Dan, Lauie and I hung out for awhile after the show talking to all the bands and then zipped by Taco Bell on the way home. Ush! I think I'm gonna be sick!
Laurie hung out with us for awhile then bailed.

Another shoutout is due, this one goes out to a real gentleman, scholar and all-around righteous brother: George K.! Check out his site whenever you get a chance and tell him Stacey sentcha!


Its a liitle bit past 9PM and I'm heading to downtown Ballard to see SushiRobo and
Sunset Valley tonight at The Tractor Tavern. Should be a great show!

I want to take a moment to give a shoutout to my boy Matt D., currently working on the Nader campaign in Washington D.C.!
Went to see my homie DJ Aaron drop some beats at The Last Supper Club, which he does every first Thursday of the month in conjunction with the Art Walk. Ususally he is joined by some fine local musicians but last night he was by himself. He played a fine set of downtempo and chillout tunes. I was joined by Stu and Adam, had a nice prime rib dinner and even managed to get a hug from the waitress (Ladies, be careful when ya ask a guy if you can get him something).
Afterwards we headed up to Barca but since it wasn't really hoppin', we headed down to The Capitol Club, where I managed to gross out Stu's galpal (and waitress extrordinaire) Wyoming by ordering and drinking a grasshopper.
Got home aroung 1AM. Made soup. Watched the news about the dustup over Dubya's DUI 24 years ago...sheesh...and surfed until dawn. Read until 9. I am dismayed at my inability to sleep now-although I only have myself to blame. Or I'm slowly going nuts ala riothero...


Not much going on today. Went to bed around 10AM, woke up at 4. Decided to pass on the Ninjatune show and went to my good friend Laura's house for a visit. We ate chicken parmisian, drank whiskey and watched 'Pitch Black'. I loaned her my Doves 'Lost Souls CD and 'Kid A'. She played some of the new Orb album 'Cydonia' for me and we tried to get Tickets for the upcoming show on the 10th, but Ticketmaster was closed.
After stuffing my pockets full of leftover Halloween candy, I hugged her and and headed home with a glow in my heart. I really enjoy hanging out with Laura (too bad she has a boyfriend), I hope she knows that.
Its around midnight and I'm planning on playing Legend of the Dragoon for awhile, then heading upstairs to read a few chapters of Murakami's "Wind-Up Bird Chronicles'.


Well, I'm back...the last couple of 'days' (a concept that becomes somewhat meaningless when you work nights) were fairly interesting. Curt and I got off work early-around 3AM and I drove him home. Since the 31st is his birthday and there wasn't much work to do, we decided to take it off.
On arriving back at the 'stead, I managed to surf, read and play Legend of the Dragoon until close to 10AM before I finally crashed.
I got up around 4 and wrote some email and then played Tribes until I started getting Trick or Treaters.
My housemate Dan came home around 6:30, loaded up his DJ gear and headed off for Barca for the inaugural Ska night. I finally got it together, showered and dressed and headed of to join him.
The place was hoppin'! There were a few in Halloween costumes. I was wearing black pants and shoes, Hawaiian shirt, white socks and a straw triby hat. I was trying for a rude bwoy look, but when people asked about my get-up, I just told them I was a Jamaican Pimp.
Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. I started a tab and got a Black & Tan. Dan fiddled with the house mixer for awhile, getting used to it then started his set. He played ska, rocksteady and some classic soul tunes.
Laurie and Stu showed up as well as the rest of the 'regulars'. All but Laurie wore costumes. Scott came in with Marney and Kristen, which was nice, 'cause I hadn't seen them in awhile.
Around 11:00, I took over from Dan for awhile. I mostly stuck to the fast ska stuff, although I threw in some funk and R&B to keep things interesting. The people in the bar seemed to really dig it! Several people were dancing and three girls came up and thanked us for playing such cool tunes.
I guess the house, downtempo and techno normally played in the bar was getting sort of old.
Richard and John (two of Barca's owners) really seemed to dig it as did Gary-who wound up buying my drinks for me!
Dan got back on the decks around 12:40 and he played until close. I hope Dan can build on tonights success. He seemed a little worried about DJ'ing for 4 hours straight, but he said he'd met a fella named Mike who would be giving him a hand.
All and all, it was a nice start to a long weekend!
I came home, ate some pasta and watched the 'Buffy' episodes I'd taped earlier.
I have no idea what I'll be doing tomorrow. The Ninjatune Tour is coming to the Showbox, so I may go check that out.
I'll keep you ah, posted...