My visit with Mom Wednesday was cool, I found out that she likes deep house music...who'dathunk?! I loaned her discs by the Peace Orchestra and Mark Farina.
Later on that day, I wound up buying close to $100 worth of new CDs. I bought The Alkaline Trio, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Twilight Singers, The Chambers Brothers, Erykah Badu and Deathray.
Dan and I went to Paula's on Thursday night. The usual suspects were there. We ate, drank and played 'Scruples', then headed to Barca to do more drinking!
On Friday, Stu and I went to visit his friend Jennifer, she's subletting a really cool apartment over the Pike Place Market and wanted to have a housewarming. We houng out for awhile and then headed to Tess and Aaron's place for Orphan's Thanksgiving, which is a tradition started by Matt D. after he and a friend moved out here from NY about 5 years ago. Since many of the folks in my circle of friends moved here from out of town, its a nice way to celebrate Turkey Day with those you love anyway.
Tess, Aaron and their friend Ryan just moved into a HUGE old house in the Central District, and its a really cool place. Aaron and Ryan had their turntables set up upstairs and we took turns playing records for the folks downstairs.
Dinner was excellent! The stuffing and Turkey were amazing! We also had ham, green beans, stuffed mushrooms & yams.
For dessert we had pumpkin pie and the stuffed baked pears I bought.
We spend the rest of the evening talking and listening to music. It was so warm and cozy in the house, people kept zonking out , I fell asleep twice! I got home around 2AM.
Saturday was really mellow. Stu, X-tina and I went to Cafe Septieme for breakfast (my co-worker Dante and his wife Kim were also there) and wandered around Broadway for awhile. Stu bought some CD's and clothes and I ran into Mike C. a guy I hadn't seen in over ten years!
We caught a movie "Best Of Show", then went back to Stu's to hang out. Adam joined us, we made some drinks and then headed across the street to Shallots Asian Bistro for some high-priced Chinese food.
Then it was up to Barca! My lovely co-worker Theresa joined us, as did Marjan, Antonio and his friend Roberto (visitng from Italy),Maria, Elizabeth, Neil, Neil and Susan. Later on, we went down to The Baltic Room and danced to 80's music.
Now its back to work tonight...

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