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From those fine boys and girls at SIL2K:

Tonight, Thursday November 30th, in conjuction with the one year
anniversary of the WTO riots, I-Spy presents:

A multi-media variety show featuring:

Axolotl / Eyvind Kang & Timothy Young / Eric Apoe / Knowbody Project
with DJ Bumblebee / The Sweet Science / Christopher DeLaurenti

Seattle, I-Spy, 1921 Fifth Ave. (alley entrance), 8 pm

An evening of adventurous music and dance to mark the one-year
anniversary of of the epochal WTO-N30 events in Seattle.

Axolotl is a twin guitar-driven avant-power quartet featuring notorious
plectrists Dennis Rea and Bill Horist, electric bassist Ryan Berg, and
(in his first appearance with the group) drummer Randy Doak. The group
performs wildly varied sets of original compositions ranging from
maniacal punk-jazz to Taiwanese taxicab ditties to twisted metal,
interspersed with explosive improvisations.

Eric Apoe is the proverbial voice crying in the wilderness, daring to
tell it like it is in his affecting 'songs of love and doom.' Eric's
striking lyrics and hoary vocals cut to the heart of the human
condition, accompanied by the imaginative neo-chamber arrangements of
his group They.

The kNOWBODY PROJECT (featuring Todd from Circle of Fire) revels in
ultra-modern expressionism combining dance, improvisation, and visual
art, backed up by DJ Bumblebee -- be sure you keep your gas masks handy!

Meanwhile, The Sweet Science will be drop some dark, dystopian
indie-jazz-pop upon the huddled masses yearning to be free. And we can
only guess what strange musical molitov cocktail Eyvind Kand and Timothy
Young will stir the rabble with.

And throughout the night noted composer Christopher DeLaurenti will be
playing excerpts from his WTO tape-collage piece "N30" between the sets.

So throw a fist in the air and show The Man who's boss!!!

Don't fall for the wily fear-mongering propaganda of our so-called
"leaders" -- come out to I-Spy, 1921 Fifth Ave, tonight and celebrate
N30 with the kind of music and performance that makes those big,
multi-national cooperate goons wet themselves in sheer, stark terror!


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