"All I ever wanted was to be your spine..."

I recently discovered The Archers Of Loaf and have been playing them to death at work. Hopefully Curt won't fly into a frenzy and kill me over it-but then he seems to enjoy them as much as I do. The Archers sound like they're ready to fuck somebody up-and on 'Wrong', Eric sounds like he's so pissed he can barely get the words out. I only wish I'd heard that song before I broke up with Mercy. It fits so well! (And no, I'm not bitter)
I was worried about getting depressed, since I work nights and live and work in almost perpetual darkness. However, I gotta say I feel great! I've been buying and playing all the cool indie rock and punk that I missed during last half the 90's when I got focused on dance/club/DJ music-instead of 'downer music'-like I'd thought I would. I can't even remember the last time I listened to American Music Club!
Anyway, what led to all of that was a message on BLOGGER about how their ISP had lost their backbone...(If you ever wanted an indication of how my mind works, there it is-EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, you just have to find the points of contact. Or say, 'Dude, what the hell are you talking about?!')
Speaking of points, or rather heads or I should say 'pointy heads'-Today is Stuart's 35th birthday. I think he is looking at it with the usual mixture of dread and sense of accomplishment. Adam gave him a hard time about it, noting that Stu will be 40 before Adam turns 30.
Tonight we are attending a YES tribute show at The Sit'N'Spin. Stu is really excited about this, he gets a chance to let his Prog Rock freak-flag fly and the rest of us...? Well, we'll see. Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks, etc.) and Joe Bass are supposed to play and Alan White (Yes' drummer) is supposed to sit in. Its a benefit for Seattle Public Schools Music Program. Apparently, Joe has a whole series of trubute nights planned. We're gonna go out for drinks beforehand, so I suppose it won't matter by the time the music starts.
I got Stu a box set of Isley brothers stuff since, when not listening to tales of elves and goblins, he collects all the great late '60's and 70's soul and funk acts.
Pretty fly for a white guy! That's why we love 'im.
More Later...

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