Bet you didn't know I was a fan of the UK football (soccer) team WEST HAM UNITED! Why?! You ask...Well, I have my reasons.
And even though I don't quite have 'the madness', someday I shall visit London, go to Upton Park and see a match with my own eyes, wearing my claret and blue scarf. Hearing a match on RA just isn't the same.
And speaking of sports, I'm happy to see that my beloved Sonics beat the pants off the Lakers for the second time in eight days! Our relationship had become strained due to the strike and the coaching change. Westphal was not the right man for the job. Nice guy, but no genius like Karl. Mack-10 is the next best thing to having coach Karl back. I hope he gets the job permanently.
Now, if Sensi Pete would hurry up and get his ass back to Seattle from NYso we can watch some games together-all will be right in my world!


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