Catching Up And Looking Ahead (though not very hard!)

Merjan's birthday party on Friday was a lot of fun, good food and lots of REALLY PRETTY WOMEN! WhooHoo!
Went to see O Brother, Where Art Thou? on Saturday with Stu, Maria and my soon-to-be new roommate, Adam. Great movie! I can't wait to get the soundtrack! After the movie, we stopped at a couple of bars, winding up at Barca. Co-workers Theresa and her Gorgeous Roommate Michelle were there, so we chatted with them for awhile and then headed for home.

Wow, so here we are on the last day of the old millenium. The last day of a year had so much baggage attached to it.
In the past, I used to try to think of a virture (or vice) that I would like to explore and appreciate in the new year. I'm not doing that now.
All the bets are off!
I'll sparer you all a spiel about what the old year meant-most of you that bother to read this blog were there for most-if not all of it, anyway.
However, I would like to give a shout out to all my friends, the people who I learn from, love me and generally make each day worth getting out of bed for:
The Tribe, (AKA The Children Of Dyonisus), my co-workers AKA The Productati (especially Kiyo, who always does really nice things for me-I will pay you back for your kindness.XOXOXOXO), Patty and Chad-love you both!, Heidi D.-love you, man!, my roommate (and landlord) Dan-thanks-you rule!, my Mother, St. George-keepin' it real 'neath the Oakland lights and showing me The Way Of The Blog, Christina M. in Vancouver-howdy!, Scotty Bwoy (AKA Frito), The Pirtles-I will come visit!, DJ Free, Karen-for putting up with me and my swim buddy Jay-who operates with style and finesse. Thanks for watching my back!
That said, I hope to move to a better host, include some pictures and make it more interesting.
I'm off to the Heaven And Hell Ball tonight!


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