I've been had! That email was sent as a plot to generate hits for Life's a Bitch...I went there and found this:

I fooled you!

hahaha. For those of you who are reading this because I dissed you for having your page on blogspot, then I have tricked you! hahaha, Thanks for the hits

I know that's the lowest form of hit whoring, but I can't help it. It's what me and Ben are doing, checking out the recently updated blogspot sites (Most don't have hit counters) and seeing if they have a contact address, mail them, completly dissing blogspot/their site and disguise this site's address in their somewhere, obviously they'll click on the link, just to see how bad this site is or maybe if they can diss me etc and thus bringing in some hits or even better if they happen to comment about it on their site, even more hits, whoa!

I feel no shame yet.

I shoulda known, the insult was a little vague. Ah well.
For the record-this blog is for me and my friends...if you find it boring, ya don't hafta read it.

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