I hung out with my mother the day after X-mas. I took her out to dinner at some place near South Center Mall that she wanted to go to. My Mom has some hangup about going downtown. Its sort of funny. Everytime we get together I wonder. 'How is it that I'm related to you? I have half your genes? Yeah, right...' Our communication takes the form of gentle ribbing-I'm sure she wonders how she wound up with me too. All & all I couldn't have asked for a better mother, even if I don't 'get' her sometimes. I guess its All A Part Of Growing Up. So there.
Otherwise, not much to report. I stayed home Wednesday night. I needed some alone time. I watched Dawson's Creek, started my Barry Yourgrau book (A Man Jumps Out Of An Airplane), ate chocolate and slept in late.
I just got back from a lovely party at Jason and Kim R.'s place. Mostly people form work, but I brought Stu and Adam with me. We had some yummy gyoza, spinach dip and fondue and lots of booze and we watched 'Scary Movie' and 'Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life' and generally hadda blast. Thank you guys. You rule!
Later on today, I will be meeting friend who is visiting from Canada and even later, heading to Barca for Merjan's 24th birthday party.

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