I met Stu, Laurie, The Prof, Frito, X-tina, Jenn and Adam at the Alibi Room around 6PM, we had beers and gave Stu his birthday gifts. He was pretty stoked about mine-whew!
Leaving the Alibi, we headed to Two Dagos From Texas where we had dinner. Then it was on to the Sit'N'Spin for the show. Tabitha joined us and we basked in the glow of our mutual admiration. She's 5 feet 10 inches tall and gives great hugs!
Guess what? I actually enjoyed the Yes tribute! Joe Bass' 17 YO daughter sang lead, with Bass on bass, Bloch on lead guitar and Fred Speakman (Droo Church) on rhythm and lead guitar. Bass had a high school buddy play keys and Alan White played drums. Every muso geek in town was there, happy to be out of the prog closet.
The set list was pretty much all the Yes 'hits', Roundabout, Starship Trooper, Owner of a Lonely Heart, etc. They played South of the Sky, too-much to everyone's delight. Mr. White looked like he was having a blast.
After the show, I grabbed one of the set lists and X-tina talked her way into the green room and got everyone in the band to sign it for Stu. Adam and I talked about jamming together, and Scott wants to learn Boston's first album for his birthday in July...hmm. Could be fun.

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