It snowed in Ballard today. It didn't stick, but it was a pleasant surprise to wake up and see those huge flakes falling from the sky.
A couple of quick calls to and from friends confirmed that the snowfall was not city-wide and was just one of the quirks of living in a 'convergence zone'.
Dan's birthday party went well-I met a couple of his coworkers and Scott (AKA Frito) showed up as well as Laurie, Tim, Adam & Tabitha. I also ran into a friend of my ex-girlfirend's and we had some drinks at the Bad JuJu Lounge later on.
Tonight is the first night of POP-PURRI at Barca, I gotta get set list together!
In under a half-hour, Al Gore is going to deliver what many are considering his concession speech. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole mess. Sometimes I feel the Democratic Party could use a little 'time out' to help it reaccess its values and what it stands for. Too often, over the last 8 years, the Dems have disowned the traditional left for 'the middle'. Clinton outright dissed Jesse Jackson on a couple occasions, (not that the brother hasn't gone way out on limb a couple of times)which is why I was stunned to see Jesse campaigning for Gore in Florida.
St. George has posted a series of 10 articles at his blog called "Adventures in Black Voter Suppression", outlining some of the GOP's dirty tricks in Florida and the attitudes of some very high government officials towards minorities . Folks, I think this is just the beginning. Things really haven't changed that much since 1964 (or 1864, for that matter.) Hopefully, this will shock everyone out of their complacency. Its time to gird our loins for battle!
I have often said that we get what we deserve, not what we demand.

More Later.

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