Last night, my department held a Holiday Party at Nation/I-Spy. I left the house around 2PM, stopped off at the Post Office to (finally) mail off my X-mas music swap CDs. I hope Mr. Bennett in Bristol likes 'em. Not my finest effort in creating a music mix.
Anyway, from there I headed downtown. paid a ridiculous amount for parking and headed in. Production has nearly doubled in size with the addition of the Search Data and Trafficking groups, so Richelle and Rob wanted us to mix and get to know one another better. So we all submitted three little known facts and spent part of the evening trying to figure out who they belonged to. The biggest and nicest surprises where that two of my coworkers are preggers.
They served some really nice appetizers-stuffed portobello mushrooms, mussels, crusty bread with gorgonzola spread, hummus, olives, etc. and the booze was free! Since I had to supervise the DJ night at Barca, I decided to do what I call 'dive-bomb drinking', 3-4 up front-then nothing but coke and water 'til sober. DJ Aaron and DJ Slinky (Ryan) came in to spin some cuts. Dinner was great! Salmon, spinach fettucini alfredo, mushroom ravioli and garlic mashed potatoes.
Everyone was well on their way to faced when I left at eight. Jason (who came in drag) regained his title of 'Party King' by puking and for the first time we had a 'Party Queen!'-(poor Patty, howya feelin' today, kid?)
I went to home to make some calls then drove to Barca. DJ Floormatt showed up and got to spinning some nice, deep house. Ryan, Aaron, J Justice, Jamie, Karen & her friends Laura & Amy, Marjan, Maria, Bill Horist & Paula all showed.
Today is Bill's birthday!
After Slinky's guest set, I put up all the gear and headed home. I stayed up until close to 6AM reading the Geek Diaries, a weblog by one of Frito's coworkers.
Not a bad night!

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