Last night was a lot of fun. Attendance could've been better but with DJ Swamp and DJ Ztrip in town, that had to be expected. As it was the C.O.D. were there and we got our grooves on.
Earlier in the day, I'd gone down to Pioneer Square to meet Laurie B. and do the Art Walk. Unfortunately, she couldn't find parking nearby and had to walk something like 8-9 blocks to the LSC. Downtown traffic was horrible, perhaps there was a Sonics game. Anyway, I stood outside waiting for her and lemme tell ya-Its COLD out. So my willingness to walk around to the various galleries had quickly gone to nil by the time she showed up. So we went into the warm club and had a yummy dinner instead and watched Odeum lay down some funky grooves. Stu and his coworker Jen joined us a little later on. We left the LSC around 8:45.
Since Stu's car was in the shop, I gave him a ride up to The Baltic Room so he could drop off his sampler, KAOS pad and Octopad for the show. I'd heard Antoinio's friend Roberto was returning to Italy today and that there was a party for him at Barca. So after dropping Stu off, I met Laurie there. We hung out for a while, no nobody showed up, so we went back down the hill to the Baltic. In addition to the Tribe, Karen and her friend Thea came down, as did my ex-roomate Scott, Caryn (the most beautiful girl in the world), Cathy G., Jason J. & his friend Jamie and the lovely Milkana and her boyfriend Steve. Antonio and Roberto showed up too!
After the gig, I dropped Stu, his gear and a woman he managed to meet at his place. I headed home and surfed and played Tribes for most of the night...now its time to hit the hay! Stu took today off, so perhaps he and I will get together and make some mischief. (OR look for a birthday gift for Maria-she'll be 23 on Saturday!)

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