A note from DJ Aaron:

Some cool happenings that I'm a part of:

Monday 12/4 club i-spy "AarRage"
Sil2k welcomes AarRage to it's ongoing series of
musical mayhem. AarRage is dj aaron (sub_sonic,odeum
collective,sil2k) and Rage (ota-prota, sub_sonic,
Catch the beat diven bastard child of these two on a
rare performance on 4 turntables. Monday 9pm @ I-SPY

Thursday 12/7 Last Supper Club "odeum collective"
Come check out the monthly performance of the odeum
collective as part of your artwalk activities. This
months installment features the artwork of Chuck Dong
(formerly under employ of the Stranger)
Acommpanied by the odeum collective which is:
Dj aaron (sub_sonic), Lawrence Martin (Sweet Mother
Sound System, La Movida), Elizabeth Puppo-Walker(La
Movida, Jambalaya) Krista Wells(Trick Deck)
The last Supper Club 6-9pm.

Thursday 12/7 "Big Blue" The Baltic Room
Ken Wallace, Dewdrop, sub_sonic
Local downtempo beat heads already know that The
scientific mixing of Ken Wallace and the Deep crate of
Dewdrop are at the forefront of this city's blossoming
downtempo scene. They grace the Baltic Room this
Thursday for an evening with special guests sub-sonic.
Sub_sonic gets back to it's roots with downtempo at
the Baltic Room after spreading it's wings and playing
a handful of high energy shows at Jet-Set and the big
bash of the Dada ball in Portland.
Thursday 12/7 The Baltic Room 9pm.

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