Oy! have I got a headache! And playing Tribes has done nothing but made me feel worse!
We had a good time last night. In keeping with the tradition of 'Covering more ground than a carpet', Stu, Adam and I went to a Studio Sale in the Jackson Place neighborhood. Anna's studio is there and she had several pieces for sale. I saw a couple of things I really wanted, but could not justify the prices, although I may be back for a painting later.
This was the third gallery thingy I've been to this month-maybe I am an 'Art-Phag' after all...
Afterwards, we argued about where to eat. Stu displayed his amazing ability to focus his apathy into a laser-like beam of no opinion. So, since I was doing the driving (and feeling a bit feisty) I took charge, setting the tone for the evening. We had Italian food at Machiavelli, which is just a couple of doors up from the Baltic Room (We were meeting Maria the Birthday Girl there later). After dinner, Stu went ahead to the Baltic while Adam and I ran across the street to the Bauhaus Cafe, where I had a Mocha, Adam drip and a conversation about jazz (Adam is a drummer.) Rejoining Stu at the Baltic, we were pleased to hear the amazing and tragic Chet Baker being played on the PA. which led to another conversation about jazz.
We were soon joined by Tess, Aaron, Scott, Laurie, Chris G. and finally, Maria.
Stu gave her a book of erotica & Laurie a gift certificate to Toys in Babeland. Seeing a theme here? We'll corrupt that little girl yet! HAHAHAHAHA!
Turned out that last night was the first monthly installment of "Make Out-A night for the Ladies by the Ladies", featuring Misskick on the 1 and the 2. Lesbians are so cool...some ladies we didn't know came and sat with us in our booth. Turned out Scott knew one of them from Amazon.com!
Later on, we all went up to Barca to meet Paula and Neil, who'd invited us to a party. Maria decided to go with Tess and Aaron to see dZihan and Kamien at I-Spy, so we parted ways.
Stu, Scott, Adam and I went out to the party, which we were pleased to discover, was at the home of friends of KMO's who were at his wedding a couple of months ago!
We hung out and yakked up a storm. Everyone was really nice.
Scott, Paula and Neil got into the hot tub and a girl told me she thought I was cute. Not a bad evening!
I drove Scott home and got to bed around 3AM.
Back to work at 6!

PS Scott AKA Frito, has started up a weblog of his own. Drop by and show him some love, sounds like he's a quart low.

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