Plenty of Action! tonight.
Started off by catching a showing of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with Stu and Adam. Which was simply AWESOME! The audience actually applauded after most of the fight scenes. Dale Chihuly sat next to Stu with some young, blond hottie.
Two things that stuck me: 1. Mandarin is really beautiful-sounding language and 2. Michelle Yeoh is an amazing actress (and martial artist).
After the movie, we headed to Stu's to make some calls and prefunct before heading to The Baltic Room for Sex Machine 3! Classic soul and funk as spun by DJ's K.O. and Free! I didn't feel like dancing, but it was fun watching everyone bumpin' and grindin' to the likes of Archie Bell & The Drells, The Isley Brothers, The Meters, James Brown, Joe Tex, The Bar-Kays, etc. Neil, Susan and Maria joined us.
Stu pounded the scotch so hard he could barely see straight by the time we left at closing.
After tossing Stu into the back seat of Adam's car, we decided to check out a birthday party being for Bill Horist. Poor Stu wound up feeding the plants over the rail of the back deck and even though he wasn't feeling so hot, he seemed to be as amused by his situation as we were. We didn't stick around long.
'Vesuvius' erupted again on the way home. Fortunately, no one got hurt (or splattered).
We had to push the old boy up the stairs to his apartment, undress him and throw him into bed, after making him drink several glasses of water and take some aspirin.
We also got several nice shots of him sprawled out on his couch with his pants down around his ankles.
Stu actually thinks he's going to get up at 9AM and drive to Bellingham to pick up his grandmother and back! HA!
On the way home, the streets were totally deserted. I stopped and bought some groceries...

Hard to believe its X-mas Eve.

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