So Stu calls me up and we get caught up on what has happened since I saw him last. In other words, not much. I admitted that I had downloaded some Yes tracks much to my chargrin and his amusment. Then I mentioned that The Prof had the night off and that we'd discussed going out. Oh, but what to do?
Turned out that Pedro The Lion was playing a gig at SAM as part of ther 'After Hours" series, which SIL2K played a few weeks ago.
I drove downtown and parked near Stu's apartment, then walked the 10-12 blocks to SAM. Stu showed up about 15 minutes after I did and Tim came in right as the show started. It was a well-attended gig, with lots of fresh-faced youngsters filling up the joint. Josh Bazan came out and played a number by himself and then he was joined by a drummer. The bass parts were prerecorded, which seemed to sap a little of the energy from the songs. As it was, they played a fine set-mostly stuff off their older records. Bazan even took questions from the crowd-saying that he'd gotten the idea from Shellac-who they had toured with. Unlike Shellac-who answered all questions honestly, Bazan said he'd was going to make stuff up and that it was up to us to figure out if it was true or not.
Questions I remember: 1. What do you think of Kid A? (He liked it.) 2. How do you get over a broken heart? (You never really do, but milkshakes and ice cream in general help.)
After the show, Stu, Tim and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then went back to Stu's place. On the way, I stopped at Westlake Mall and bought a new game for my PC-Hitman: Codename 47. Back at Stu's We made drinks, made some phone calls and discussed what we gonna do next.
Adam came over and we watched a documentary on John Waters. Then we headed to the the Crocodile Cafe, where Malaise (AKA DJ K.O. from IQU was rocking the house on 4 turntables. There were only about 15 people in the music room, but the set was awesome.
We scurried back to the bar when Computer Impossible came on, they sounded like Tarantula-era Ride on 'luudes...While we were sitting there we had a chat with Frank, who writes for The Stranger. He bought us a round and had Plastiq Phantom (the headliner) give all a copy of new remix disc. K.O. dropped a CD on us too!
Phantom's show was amazing. He used a laptop, one turntable, mixing board and a live drummer to do some badass...?!! I don't know what to call it! Kinda like DJ Spooky's 'Synthetic Fury' EP when it rocked...I guess.
K.O. guested on theremin for 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.'
After the show, I dropped Tim off and came home. I leave the house again at 5AM to take Laurie B. to the airport.
I know...I rule!

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