Talking with Tim and Frito the other day, we decided that its just about time for another Erotic Literature Contest!
Last held over the Summer of '99. The Prof (Tim), being the full-on Child of Dyonisus he is, thought it would be a good idea to get everyone's...ah, creative juices flowing by writing some good 'rot.
We spread the word amongst our friends (and a few strangers) and watched as the stories and poems came in.
Mind you, none of write for a living-this was just for fun. The stories were submitted under pen names so no one could use embarrassment as an excuse not to contribute.
Tim then collected and printed out the stories into nice bound volume and a panel of judges picked their favorites in a number of catagories. We offered silly prizes to those who wanted to fess up.
Hopefully, this time we can make the contest bigger. Frito says he'll help with a new webpage.
I'll be sending emails to everyone in my address book and posting the submission dates here on my weblog!

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