Well, X-mas 2000 has come and gone, the last marker in a year that managed to be remarkable and unremakable in so many ways. 'Course, to hear my mother tell it-we're only steps away from The End Of This System Of Things. I suspect she might be right, but in a way NONE of us expect or could even imagine.
I spent the day over at Paula's house with Maggie, Antonio, Mara, Pete, Maria, Andy, Neil, Merjan, Mimi, Adam, Oliver, Hours, Steve, Anna. We had a nice dinner and played 'Catchphrase' and Scruples'. Adam and I went out Sea-Tac at 8PM to pick Dan up and then went back to the party. Stu showed up later with Trip, who none of us had seen in months.
Despite my ban on X-mas (Why would an agnostic celebrate something he's pretty sure he doesn't believe in?), I still got some swag. Stu gave me two CD's he'd burned. One of Yes tunes and the other a collection of songs by the Future Bible Heroes, the 6ths and the Gothic Archies (all Steven Merritt productions). He also got me a book by Barry Yourgrau, who is one of my favorite writers (along with Auster, Baker, Murakami & Welsh). I guess he's not mad about the pictures we took of him the other day, after all!
Thea and Laurie B. return tomorrow, Jason and Kim R. are having their party the day after and Merjan's birthday is the day after that! Then on New Year's Eve, I'm going to The Heaven and Hell Ball at Consolidated Works.
*Whew* Good thing work won't get in the way! ; P

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