Whew! I had a guy come over and look at my computer today, now she's running nice and stable. Turned out that I had too many items running on startup...boy, do I feel dumb. He did get my machine to see its other CPU, so I will soon be tossing around large PS files with impunity-HAHAHHAHAHA!
After the tech guy left, I thought I'd get some sleep and then head to The Sit-N-Spin to see some 'Out' music, but instead I wake up and its 2 something in the morning. Guess I needed the rest!
Today I'll be hitting the Art Walk (AKA First Thursday), then catching Aaron's group Odeum @ The Last Supper Club followed by sub_sonic @ The Baltic Room. Should be a fun night!
Before I go, I thought I'd share an item I found at POPBITCH-St. George, this one's for you!

>> Moby vs Manson <<
Kill him, Marilyn

Prim baldy Moby is frothing with anger after attending
a Marilyn Manson show that saw, among other things, Manson
drummer Ginger Fish break his collar bone while jumping over
his drum kit. "It was disgusting," huffs the vegan. "That
kind of violence is totally unnecessary onstage."

God of Fuck Manson has this to say in reply: "That kind
of violence is completely necessary, it's just unfortunate
that Moby wasn't injured. My drummer has offered to beat him
with his good arm, though."

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