The work week is over, since I'm taking tonight off. Its Dan's 32nd birthday and I'm gonna zip up to ye olde liquor store and get him some Makers Mark. How he can drink that stuff, I'll never understand-the thought just makes me shudder. There will be a little get-together for the 'old man' at our usual watering hole. Ji-Hyun will be bringing some of her yummy sushi. Dan says the first drink is on him!
Dan gave me some good news last night. His (now our) DJ night is moving to Wednesday! And even better-we can play whatever we want!! Some details need to be worked out, like if John and Richard want people to dance, a name for the evening, who should handle the advertising, etc. But otherwise, I'm totally psyched! I plan to provide a wide variety of styles, its just gots to be GROO-VAY!! I can't wait to see how people react to Johnnie Taylor, Jerry Butler, Brook Benton, Blue Hearts, Bauhaus, SDRE, Mark Eitzel (Don't worry, he does rock on a couple of occasions) and Johnny Mathis.
Speaking of music, I've noticed that a lot of people have been posting their top ten for the year. Like you really care-buthere'smine!
In no particular order:
doves-lost souls
sunny day real estate-the rising tide
st. germain-tourist
basement jaxx-remedy
built to spill-keep it like a secret
erykah badu-mama's gun
smith & mighty-big world, small world

I realize a couple of my selections were actually released last year or earlier, but I decided that since I'd HEARD them THIS year, they qualify. As usual, if you want more info on any of these bands, let me direct you to the All Music Guide, probably the most comprehensive music database on the web.

Well, that's all for now. Good...uh, night.

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