Wow, last night was a whirlwind of activity...After leaving work, I stopped by the drugstore for some supplies. Adam was here moving stuff in, so He and I zipped into Fremont to get the last of his stuff. We tied his bed to the top of his Subaru and just like the VW commercial, we forget to open the doors first! I had to climb in through the window-no easy feat when you're as big as I am.
Nontheless we made it here without incident. After freshening up a bit, I headed to Targy's Tavern on Queen Anne to meet Sensi Pete! He was looking good and was really happy to be back. We drank beers and watched the Sonics self-destruct against the Utah Jazz-just like old times! I hung out until 11, then headed down to SIL2K, for the second night of their anniversary celebration. I had some cake, talked to some people I hadn't seen in awhile (due to working nights since last May) and caught Plastiq Phantom's DJ set. I bailed around midnight (I'd been up for around 20 hours), came home, downloaded the pix I'd taken (added to the slideshow for your enjoyment), ate some Lucky Charms and went to bed.
Today, I'm happy to see that I got an email from my buddy George-Glad to see he's doing well 'neath the Oakland Lights!
I have a Production meeting to attend in an hour...I better scoot!


Just received not ONE but TWO good pieces of news!:

1. According to The Crocodile Cafe's Calendar, Doves are coming to Seattle!! Here's your chance to see one of the UK's hottest bands in a nice, intimate setting. Tix on sale soon AND
2. SENSI PETE IS BACK!! He's been gone (to the east coast) for what seems like forever-and I have missed him. I've had many good times with everybody's favorite rasta/punk/Italian stud! Party at Targy's tomorrow around 6:30! CAN YA FEEL THE LOVE ALREADY, BABY?!
A little Super Bowl humor for y'all (via Jay):
A guy named Bob receives a free ticket to the Superbowl from his
Unfortunately, when Bob arrives at the stadium he realizes the seat is
in the last row in the corner of the stadium-he is closer to the
Goodyear Blimp than the field.
About halfway through the first quarter, Bob notices an empty seat 10
rows off the field right on the 50 yard line. He decides to take a
chance and makes his way through the stadium and around the security
guards to the empty seat.
As he sits down, he asks the gentleman sitting next to him, "Excuse me,
is anyone sitting here?" The man says no.
Now, very excited to be in such a great seat for the game, Bob again
inquires of the man next to him, "This is incredible! Who in their right
mind would have a seat like this at the Superbowl and not use it?"
The man replies, "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me, I was supposed
to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Superbowl
we haven't been to together since we got married in 1967."
"Well, that's really sad," says Bob, "but still, couldn't you find
someone to take the seat? A relative or a close friend?"
"No," the man replies, "they're all at the funeral."

I had a great weekend, hung out with friends and went to a couple of parties. Also tinkered with the blog some. I went out in public wearing the horns, but I was going to a party and had an 'excuse'.
Things are going pretty smoothly here at work. I only got two hours sleep Saturday night so you can bet I took it easy on Sunday after I got home.

Quote of the weekend:
'Are you as high as a kite?'
'I am as high as a...Really. Fat. Pigeon.'

I am happy to report that I got some email from my good friends Mitch and Jacqueline in Switzerland. If you guys are reading this, I want to say THANKS for all the letters, cards and pictures you sent over the last year and I beg your continued patience. I will be getting some pics off to you soon so my goddaughter knows what I look like!
This is going to be a busy week! Adam is moving in and the Fuse Ball is almost upon us! I still have to get my costume together!
Anyway, I'd better get back to work...

n.p.. Mark Farina-Imperial Dub Recordings, Vol. 1


Spent most of the day listening to music (Rae & Christian, Catherine Wheel, Bomb The Bass) and doing laundry. Adam came over to prep his new room for painting-I think he's going with Chinese Dragon Red.
Later on, I decided I needed to see my beloved Tabitha and so I asked her if she was free for dinner. Happily she was! Shortly after, Maria called and asked if she could join us-even better!
We'd originally decided on Pasta Bella, but then Tabitha parked her car in a private lot while getting her hair cut at Habitude, so Maria and I went to get her, then we all decided to go to Spagetti Red on Capitol Hill instead.
After dinner we headed to Barca where Jadie, Dan, Tim and Nick (AKA Pablo) were spinning house. Stu was there, along with Sean and Max.
Tab and Maria got busy making invitations for the Fuse Ball and managed to talk Jadies' lovely girlfriend Carmel into helping them pass 'em out. Later on, Maggie, Paula, Merjan, and Neil showed up. Paula and Neil were just back from a trip to Disney World and looked fit and happy. Maggie was in a good mood, too. Amazing, considering she got her truck totalled by a hit & run driver earlier in day!
We all hung out and talked until around 1AM, then Maria, Tab and I went to leave. On the way out Adam pulled up. He'd been out to dinner with Thea. We all jumped in Maria's car and took Tab back to her house (a few blocks away) then headed to the Bad Juju Lounge for one last drink before heading home...
Adam and I paint tomorrow and its Jadie's (James) bithday!


Now this is fucked up.
I'm really diggin' PINBACK lately. The band shares some members with Three Mile Pilot and Black Heart Procession and they make quiet, groovy little tunes. I put "Loro" on a compilation CD for a friend in Scotland. Check 'em out!


As the proud owner of an Original Waller painting, I encourage all of you to visit his site, buy some stuff and ease the struggle for this artist!
Thank Yew.


I'm happy to report that the switch is going better than I thought. Sunday went smoothly and I felt great! I came home, puttered around and watched the X-Files (LAME!) than went to bed at 10:30, narrowly avoiding an Aaron Copeland documentary on PBS.
It's going well today, too. Johnny2X and I have been listening to 80's tunes and air-guitaring and/or groaning when something corny comes on. We played 'Send In The Clowns' which cracked us up cause 1. We knew all the words and 2. I had the Roger Whittaker version growning up!
Anyway, I think this is gonna work.

PS. Tab wrote to tell me that it was Adam who bought the beer the other night. We are corrected and humbled...


Woke up around 2PM today. I was going to try and ease into the time change, but I don't think its gonna work. I'm going to have to do this the hard way, which means a couple of weeks of pure hell while I get used to a new routine. I can do this!
Anyway, Stu, Adam and Tim called and said they were gonna do some running around and asked if I'd like to join them. They came by around four and we headed to Display & Costume near Northgate Mall to look for costumes for the Fuse Ball. We spent over an hour looking at all the stuff they had, but nothing fired my imagination. Brocklind's will probably be next on my list and maybe Champion's.
We had dinner at Red Robin's, then dropped Tim off at home. Stu, Adam and I proceeded to Tower where I dropped $70 on new plastic (Its a sickness-I know! I'll review all of my new purchases later). Then met Tabitha at Stu's place. Tab was kind enough to get beer, so we kicked back and talked and listened to music. Tabitha didn't want to see Kinski and Voyager One with us, so we parted ways around 10PM and headed to The Croc. We missed Peter Buck's thing, (Jamie & Friends) and the High Violet's were well into their set when we arrived. The Violet's were pretty cool, very 'shoegazery' with nice male-female harmonies from the two guitarists. I bailed out of the music room to see who was at the club and missed the rest of their set.
Karen and Thea showed up, as did Laurie B. and a friend of hers who's name escapes me now.
After that, Kinski proceeded to kick my ass. I believe only two of their songs had vocals, but they put on a blistering set-building a huge wall of sound from loud, repetitive, jazzy riffs. Chris Martin (vox, guitar) jumped around like a madman when they really got going! I bought their CD after their set.
Then Voyager One came on and really peeled the paint off the walls! I don't know how they get such a HUGE sound, but to stand in the blast was incredible-even though my ears didn't ring afterwards. Strange. Fuse together Spacemen 3, Ride and Sonic Youth and you get an idea of what I'm on about. Their CD doesn't come close to what they sound like live!
After the show we hung out until the bar closed, then Karen gave me, Stu and Adam a ride back to Stu's place. Karen and Thea came up to the apartment and we hung out for a while. I borrowed some Peter Gabriel-era Genesis from Stu and then Adam drove me back to my place.
All & all-a good day.

BTW-sub_sonic is playing Nation/I-Spy tonight! Come by if you can!


Stacey to Stu: (After watching him 'chat up' a couple of women we know)

Stacey: "Dood, are you being charming?"
Stu: "I'm drunk! I can't be anything but!"

You know like, when you're REALLY baked and you're listening to music and you don't HEAR the bass anymore? Like its being beamed straight into your head?!
I spent some time today modifying the blog. Wound up having to start over. I don't know what I'm doing-but I'm finding out!
SEX MACHINE 4 was lots of fun. I got to do some dancin' and formally congradulated Neil and Susan on their engagement. Those crazy kids!
Tomorrow night, Kinski and Voyager One are gonna lay down the smack at The Crocodile Cafe. Oh, and Tower Records is having a SALE!
I canna wait!


I got my new digital camera yesterday and added a new picture to the blog. It was taken at 2AM and BOY-do I need to shave!
I hope to set up a gallery somewhere once I get used to the thing. Its a HP 215-a very basic model, but so far I'm pleased with the results!
Other than that, not a whole lot to report. I was awake for a very long stretch (from noon Tuesday until 9AM Wednesday) so I decided to take it easy. I most puttered around the house and played Deus Ex. Around 10PM or so, Adam and I went up to Barca where DJ J Justice was rocking the 1 and 2. We talked about the upcoming Fuse Ball and Adam's new job as Managing Director of the Fuse Foundation. We were joined by Jamie, J Justice's lovely girlfriend and proceeded to make her blush several times with our silliness.
These are the last few days I have left before I shed my nocturnal ways and join the rest of humanity.
I'm gonna hafta get used to sleeping at night. Man, that sounds weird.
I decided to totally flip-flop my schedule. That means going to bed at 8-9PM and getting up at 2-3AM.
This may get easier as the days get longer.
We'll see.
Tonight marks the return of SEX MACHINE, the 60's & 70's Funk party thrown by DJ's K.O. and Free. The ass-shakin' will commence at The Baltic Room.
If you can make it, please do.
Stu and Adam both took Friday off just so they could get STOOPID.
Well, that's all for now. I'm going to bed 'early' tonight.


This just in from The Prof:


A night of explosive joy in the depths of winter -- a sexy, sultry, surreal Masquerade Ball & benefit for Fuse Foundation, Consolidated Works, and Northwest AIDS/ Chicken Soup Brigade.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2001, from 9:00 p.m. until dawn.

FCS North Bill Horist sub_sonic Plastiq Phantom *Polar Crystal Radio
Intoning Silence Intonarumori DJ Free DJ jjustice DJ Tim

Two stages and a DJ'd lounge... Tropical concoctions, wine and beer... Artistic creations by Pie the Clown Shooting Gallery, P.A.N., glassbones ensemble, Susan Robb, Cathy McClure, Ned Beebe, Anna Lange, Thermogenesis, Animated fusion, and Others.... stilt walkers! fire artists! drag queens! scavenger hunt! burlesque! art installations! pinatas! -- EXPECT THE IMPROBABLE!

Tickets are LIMITED: $30 advance; $35 at the door, if available... we strongly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.

Order by phone: FuseBall Hotline (206) 654-4452

Or purchase online at Ticketweb.com

volunteers sought. Email: fuseball@fusefoundation.org

FuseBall honorary co-hosts are Dan Savage and Judy Nicastro. FuseBall is being sponsored by Red Hook, the Stranger, I-Spy, Talking Rain, Cafe Flora, and a host of other great local businesses and individuals, and is being produced in conjunction with SIL2K.

The Fuse Foundation awards life-changing grants to extraordinarily talented emerging cultural innovators and artists from all disciplines. More at our website: fusefoundation.org

(please feel free to forward this email to other friends who enjoy this sort of thing)


Its early Monday morning, and I'm home taking MLK Jr. Day early.
Saturday went well, the SIL2K put on an entertaining and fun showcase at EMP in the Demo Lab. They performed Stu's Pulse/Impulse a conducted improv piece and Rob's Grafficka-a sort of improv with symbols. There was some audience participation and people really seemed to enjoy themselves. It was my first visit to EMP, and while I was impressed, I really didn't want to deal with all the crowds. Adam I bailed after the show. Later on, we picked Stu up, went to Tower Records, got some Chinese food and chilled here at the Haus of Intrigue. Oani came up from Puyallup. We decided that the Helle Belles show was probably going to be too crowded, so we went out to Andy's party instead. It was a rocking good time! Everyone was really friendly and DJ Floormatt was laying down some deep and jazzy D&B grooves. I didn't stay as long as I would've liked, Oani was tired and I was a little tuckered out, having gotten lousy sleep the night before. So we left around 2AM.
Adam called me around 2PM and he and I went to brunch at Stella's Trattoria and then to see a movie. 'Venus Beauty Institute', the French flick Stu and I were discussing a couple of weeks ago. I didn't find it sexy OR cheesy, just...??!? As Adam put it: "Something happened there, but I don't know what."
It was the story of Angele, a VERY jaded middle-aged French woman who has decided that emotional attachments are not worth the trouble and that 'flings' are the only relationships worth having. Shortly after the movie opens a fella who has been watching her at the beauty salon she works at tells her that he's in love with her. He is willing to sacrifice his current relationship with his beautiful 20 year old fiancee for our mean, jaded & faded heroine. Can she break through her walls and find love again? "Who Cares!", bellows Stacey. Salon liked the movie a lot more than I did, but since most of the women I've met recently seem to be Angele's younger sisters-I'm not willing to waste a lot time on people with huge chips on their shoudlers.
After the movie, I talked to Tab-she got her tongue pierced and then headed over to Frito's place to watch a movie and hang out. Frito is a gadget freak, so he owns a Geiger-counter. He held his cell phone next to it and the needle went halfway up the dial...guess I'll pass on the Nokia I was considering. However, we did go online and I ordered a digital camera. I'm hoping to move this blog to another server and add pictures, short stories and maybe some music files. Frito is palnning on setting up a Linux server at home...we'll see.
I go back to work tomorrow and Tuesday, then I switch to days. Ugh...daylight. I don't know how I'm gonna cope!


Quick Recap: On Wednesday night, I had dinner with the always amazing Tabitha at the Nara Grill. We needed to spend some quality time together and get caught up. Afterwards, we went out to Neil and Susan's new place and watched Temptation Island, which titillated me with its premise and horrified me with its execution. All I can say is that when it comes to cheap thrills on TV, I prefer the WWF's tongue-in-cheek tomfoolery. After the show, Neil and I played a little Tekken Tag Tournament on his PS2 (my main reason for coming over). Tab got bored with our 'boy stuff' and Neil had an early morning meeting, so we cleared out around 10:30.
Thursday night, Adam and I went to the Sit'N'Spin to see Fairgrove, Aveo & Verona. The house was packed, but we got there early enough to grab a booth that allowed for an unobstructed view of the show. I liked Aveo enought to buy their 4-song EP, but I think Fairgrove might do some serious damage in the months to come. They played an energeetic and powerful set.
Friday, I arose from my coffin early to go to a meeting at work. My boss wanted to fill us in on the direction we'll be heading this year. Also, there will be some shift changes. Week after next, Johnny 2X and I are going to be moving to days, 6AM to 6PM, Sunday through Tuesday. I view this change with mixed feelings as I enjoy the solitude of the night shift. But working days again will put me in touch with people outside my department that I haven't seen in awhile and it will allow me to take Wing Chun classes twice a week.
After the meeting, I visited with folks I hadn't seen in awhile and hung out at Beer:30 (the company buys us a couple of kegs every Friday so that we can celebrate the weeks accomplishments and build relationships with people outside of our departments). I had a coke, then went over The Living Wild with my boss, Richelle. We were generally pleased with what we saw, but sort of disappointed that Jason W. and Lou K. didn't get the credit for the work they did on the book. I'm sure it was just an oversight.
I left work around 5:30 and headed over to The Triangle Tavern to yak with other folks I'd missed. Wound up talking to Kelly S. and Heather V. for quite awhile. They're both giving up cigarettes. Kelly says she's quitting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 'cause if MLK had the courage to face up to institutialized racism and prevail-then she hoped that she could find the courage to quit smoking.
Later, I met Stu and Adam, Michelle, Mike and Ann at Jen S.'s place in The Pike Place Market for a little prefunction before heading to the Croc. The ladies wanted to see the show, we fellas stayed in the bar, checking out the girls and talking shit. Truly a fine evening...
Tomorrow's Action includes an afternoon SIL2K show at EMP, a possible show at I-Spy (Helles Belles an all-girl AC/DC cover band) and a party at Andy's in Georgetown.


hu-bris (hyu"bris) n. 1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance: "There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris" McGeorge Bundy [Greek: excessive pride, wanton violence; See ud- in Indo-European Roots.]
hu-bris "tic (-bris"tik) adj. hu-bris "tic-al-ly adv. Important derivatives are: out, utmost, carouse, outlaw
What always getscha in trouble with the godz? Hubris!


SO. Are you looking for some new bands/tunes? Then have I got some suggestions for you! I subuscribe to firefly, a mailing list for fans of American Music Club and Mark Eitzel. Recently, the members of the list held a tape swap AND compiled their Best Of lists for the past year. The list I'm about to submit is a combination of most of these sources and stuff I found on my own-please feel free to email me with suggestions of your own (I like that!)

Dance Hall Crashers-Yeah, I'm late to the party AND they don't have a horn section anymore. So What?! I think they're still the best 'third wave' ska band around. Why No Doubt is more famous, I'll never know.
Coldplay-We wore this one out at work, having downloaded the album and the EPs before the American release came out. I'm gonna try and catch them at the Showbox in February. Who's with me?!
Low-mininal and blazing. I didn't want to check these guys out, but then Scott V. from Scotland put 'Dinosaur Act' on tape for me and I was blown away.
Doves-Their album 'Lost Souls' totally captured my ears with its moody, shiny pop. I hope they tour the States and I'm REALLY looking forward to their next release.
Sunny Day Real Estate-'The Rising Tide' is an almost perfect album. Great songs, great production. I'm really surprised that this was overlooked by the mainstream press.
The Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs. Buy It. Trust Me.
Scott Walker-This guy was amazing. I still think he's making records too, see if you can find 'Rosemary'-it will haunt you.
The Bathers-Another Scott V. suggestions. Another CD I must buy. *sighs happily*

That's it for now. Other suggestions are in the Archives...
Thank Yew!

YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Research your representatives views on the issues of our day at: Issues2000.org And give 'em hell if they don't agree with you!


My Science Fiction Twin Chad has become a disciple of The Way Of The Blog. Check him out, show him some love and sign up for the ACLU's mailing list!
(More Random Ramblings...)

"Well, I'm home. Now I can follow my intellectual pursuits!"
Somehow, I managed to get the work assigned to me done. After a couple of setbacks it was nice to snatch Victory from the jaws of Defeat. I also got my signed copy of The Living Wild, the new book by local nature photographer Art Wolfe. I did 50-60% of the scanning for that project last year and I'm glad to finally see it in print! My boss wants to go over it with me later on this week. The reviews I read so far are very positive-I'm really psyched!
After work, I stayed a little late yakking with Jason and Kiyo and got home in time to see the first rays of daylight creeping over the horizon. This is my favorite time of day-yet I'm NOT a 'morning person' by any means. For some reason, those first rays coming from the east calm and reassure me. That there will be a new day. There will be more chances to be brilliant or asinine. Or whatever.
Stu and I once had an arguement. I believe the waste of someone's or something's potential is the greatest tragedy. He maintains that its the loss of memory. When I see the first light of day, I'm reminded of that. 'Course, I still think I'm right!
I also wonder about my ancestors. What they thought and felt when seeing that first light. Did they feel a communion with their gods? Were they mostly concerned about the work they faced that day? Did they feel a surge of hope-as I do?
One of the lessons of the Tao is that the universe is in constant flux. I used to hate change, but having gotten older and wiser-I learned to embrace it. Lately, I have the feeling that there are going to be some big changes in my life...I wonder what form they'll take?
'Good' or 'Bad' I resolve to continue to be the Dark God of Wu-wei. (That's a joke, btw) Hopefully, restarting my Wing Chun training will help me deal with whatever comes my way.
Anyway, I'm off to bed...I'm beat!


Wow! That was easy! Does this mean the 'president-elect" is going to dig in over Ashcroft?
IBM Introduces Instant Online Translation. Hmm. What does 'Dood' look like in Chinese?


So my mother calls me at 2PM-the middle of the 'night' and makes Frito wake me up to tell me that my Aunt Doris passed away and that my Uncle Eddie just had heart sugery. Then she asks me why I was sleeping in the middle of the day! Gee, Mom-I've only been working nights FOR SEVEN MONTHS!! On top of that, she's been sitting on top of this news since Friday!! Grrr.
I don't mean to sound cold, but I'm not particularly close to either relative, so I was pretty irritated. After laying in bed fuming for an hour, I decided that I wasn't going back to sleep. So I made dinner and headed to work.
Curt (bless him), did me a solid and had some stuff ready for me. Johnny 2X bounded in shortly after and we got to work, me on the 1 & the 2 and him on #3 and the flatbed. I finished everything Curt set up for me but man, am I tired!
I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. I know I need it but there's aways something I want to read or someplace I want to go or do. I actually was trying to be good yesterday, knowing that I wasn't going to have an assistant! Ah, well.
I'm trying to introduce the guys at work to the joys of blogging. So I set up one for the department as a means of keeping my inbox clear of silly stuff. We'll see what happens. And I managed to rip Dan's copy of 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields and burn it to disc (I love these TDK 700MB CD-R's!) I got close to 200 songs on one CD!
Anyways-I'm hungry and sleepy and still annoyed, so I better head off to bed.
Happy Monday Ev'rybody...!


Met Adam for 'lunch' yesterday (around 4PM). we went to Noodles in The People's Republic Of Fremont AKA The Center Of The Universe. Then stopped by Sonic Boom to make some CD purchases. I bought: Isaac Hayes-Hot Buttered Soul, Six Finger Satellite-Severe Exposure, nomeansno-Wrong and the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? I'm gonna have to give up my ghetto pass for sure on that last one...(kidding!)
Later, we went to Stu's to hang out and wait for Frito and Dan (AKA Hellvis), so we could all go down to the Crocodile Cafe for the Fifth Annual Elvis Invitationals.
Folks, I was really let down this year! First of all, tickets were $14.50, then there were only 9 Elvii on hand-usually its 15 or so. Some of the better regulars didn't show up, like the Blond Elvis (I forget his name), Transelvistite (the transvestite Elvis) and 'Elvis Stojko' (whose spoken word version of 'In The Ghetto', complete with a musical saw solo was one of the coolest and funniest things I have ever seen!). I believe it was 'Rockin' Rod' who won-finally! He was TOTALLY ROBBED last year. We gave him a round of applause when he walked into The Frontier Room later that night. Dan caused quite a ruckus in his Hellvis persona (pictures posted soon)My,, maybe next year we'll get him to enter!
Frito decided to crash at our place, so he showed me some cool HTML stuff-notice the changes in the blog-and gave me some pointers. I look forward to experimenting with the look of this blog!
My-look at the time! I better get a Tribes match in and hit the hay. I'll be working without an assistant-starting tomorrow!


Congress finalized the election today. Now the fun can begin!
One of the most meaningful and influential moments of my life was when I happened to stumble upon the science show 'Cosmos' on PBS. I watched every episode and have read and reread the book. I have joked that it is my bible, a truly moving telling of humanity's history. Its relationship to the heavens and what could've been and what might yet be. It blew my mind and I am eternally greateful!
I took the news of Carl Sagan's death as hard as my own father's.
So I'm happy to find that the One Cosmos site is a continuation of his work-bringing us closer to the stars!
The site has undergone some reconstruction lately. The groundwork being laid now is truly amazing and it looks like its going to get even better!
(Requires Shockwave)
Stu and I comtemplate movie choices:

"How about this one? Its French-could be really sexy. Or really cheesy."

"Hmm. Really, what is the difference between the two?"

"Sexy gives you a boner!"

Wound up seeing Traffic with Stu and Adam tonight. I liked it, the execution and performances were flawless.
I thought the movie managed to avoid being heavy-handed, but it avoided addressing a glaring issue. Everyone should know by now that the law treats drug offenders differently, based on race and class and even the types of of drug used (crack vs. powder cocaine-for example). The movie hints at it, but doesn't really develop that angle.
Its too bad, 'cause that subject-deftly explored could have made for a more engrossing and powerful movie.
After the film (which ended sometime after midnight), we headed to Barca to have a nightcap, then headed for home.


Last night was a blast! DJ jjustice kicked out a phat set of beats even tough he wasn't felling so hot. I can't wait to see what he'll do at The Fuse Ball! sub_sonic also played well. Their dense grooves got everybody going and wore us all out. Attendence at the show was OK, considering it was mere days after NYE. Since I'm on the wagon, it took me a little longer to get into mind/ass free mode-but it was all good.
The lovely Tabitha made an appearance and out mutual admiration club remains intact!

Todays "Wow! Neat!!" comes from the infamous Johnny 2X: Online Exhibits @ the Exploratorium! (requires Shockwave)

Also, the Erotic Lit Contest Site is up! Tim says he wants to add a page where you can order last years entries in book form (From Cap'n Piledriver Publishing). He didn't seem to mind if people got started before the official email goes out-so get to it! Read the Rules and air out your imagination!


Jason R. pulled my coat about Madredeus. I finally made a disc, took it home to listen to it and I am simply blown away!
This was the only site I could find in english.
You can have your Sade and Samia-Teresa is the shit! (Requires Flash!)
Stuart and I carry on a tradition:

The Elvis Invitationals are this Saturday at the The Crocodile Cafe. It's their 5th Annual Elvis Impersonator contest. 9:00PM $12 advance / $14 at the door.

You can get tickets at Ticketweb.com
Chad sent me a link to a cool site for free mp3's. Epitonic.com has tracks by Swayzak, Drive Like Jehu and Amon Tobin, to name a few.


Stu sez: Come out to the Baltic Room this Thursday for
Sub_Sonic and DJ J-Justice. It should be a party (but not the type
that trashes the place). I got some new toys at Magic Mouse that I will be
jamming with. And we will have new Sub_Sonic CDs for sale! Only $10.

Baltic Room
1207 Pine
Jan. 4 $5
9:00 DJ J-Justice
11:00 Sub_Sonic

See ya there,
When I get around to making MY remake of Shaft (We're callin' it "Stacey Lester's Shaft 2001: An Asskickin' Odyssey"), this will be the soundtrack.
Get it? Got it?? Good...


And we're back!

Back here at work, that is.
I could've used another vacation day and not come back until next Sunday, but I missed the sound of the scanners (Chromograph S3400's) and the simple pleasures of working on a Mac.
When I got in tonight I was informed that my assistant Curt will be moving to the day shift and that the infamous Johnny 2X will be joining me in the evenings. I'll have to mount my own film, but since I was pretty good at it-that shouldn't be a problem. What will be a problem is Johnny forcing me to listen to "jam bands"-yeesh! I'd rather pull out my fingernails with pliers!
Anyway, NYE was a blast! The Heaven and Hell Ball was a massive success. SushiRobo, Almighty Dolla and DJ Floormatt were all amazing. And I was pleased to find Harvey Danger less annoying than I thought they'd be.
I'd like to thank Maria for helping me with my makeup. A working-class demon is a hard thing to be.
We headed to Barca to wish out friends there a Happy New Year, then hung out at Tess, Aaron and Ryan's place until close to 5AM. I spent all day yesterday recouperating.
I am officially on the wagon until the Fuse Ball on February 3 and tomorrow I will call Sifu Lapham about training in his Wing Chun Kwoon (school). The last few weeks have been pretty hectic and even though we're in the part of the year I hate the most (Jan. & Feb.), I look forward to some downtime. Of course, I'll probably be busier than ever (especially since it'll be warm enough to play paintball soon.) but right now I'm not making any plans...I gots to chill.
Scott called today. He's tweaking the HTML for the Erotic Lit Contest and he said he should have it done soon. Once the files get sent back to Tim and get uploaded, it will be time to send the email for submissions. I hope we get lots of participants, last time was a lot of fun!
Well, I better get back to work...