And we're back!

Back here at work, that is.
I could've used another vacation day and not come back until next Sunday, but I missed the sound of the scanners (Chromograph S3400's) and the simple pleasures of working on a Mac.
When I got in tonight I was informed that my assistant Curt will be moving to the day shift and that the infamous Johnny 2X will be joining me in the evenings. I'll have to mount my own film, but since I was pretty good at it-that shouldn't be a problem. What will be a problem is Johnny forcing me to listen to "jam bands"-yeesh! I'd rather pull out my fingernails with pliers!
Anyway, NYE was a blast! The Heaven and Hell Ball was a massive success. SushiRobo, Almighty Dolla and DJ Floormatt were all amazing. And I was pleased to find Harvey Danger less annoying than I thought they'd be.
I'd like to thank Maria for helping me with my makeup. A working-class demon is a hard thing to be.
We headed to Barca to wish out friends there a Happy New Year, then hung out at Tess, Aaron and Ryan's place until close to 5AM. I spent all day yesterday recouperating.
I am officially on the wagon until the Fuse Ball on February 3 and tomorrow I will call Sifu Lapham about training in his Wing Chun Kwoon (school). The last few weeks have been pretty hectic and even though we're in the part of the year I hate the most (Jan. & Feb.), I look forward to some downtime. Of course, I'll probably be busier than ever (especially since it'll be warm enough to play paintball soon.) but right now I'm not making any plans...I gots to chill.
Scott called today. He's tweaking the HTML for the Erotic Lit Contest and he said he should have it done soon. Once the files get sent back to Tim and get uploaded, it will be time to send the email for submissions. I hope we get lots of participants, last time was a lot of fun!
Well, I better get back to work...

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