Spent most of the day listening to music (Rae & Christian, Catherine Wheel, Bomb The Bass) and doing laundry. Adam came over to prep his new room for painting-I think he's going with Chinese Dragon Red.
Later on, I decided I needed to see my beloved Tabitha and so I asked her if she was free for dinner. Happily she was! Shortly after, Maria called and asked if she could join us-even better!
We'd originally decided on Pasta Bella, but then Tabitha parked her car in a private lot while getting her hair cut at Habitude, so Maria and I went to get her, then we all decided to go to Spagetti Red on Capitol Hill instead.
After dinner we headed to Barca where Jadie, Dan, Tim and Nick (AKA Pablo) were spinning house. Stu was there, along with Sean and Max.
Tab and Maria got busy making invitations for the Fuse Ball and managed to talk Jadies' lovely girlfriend Carmel into helping them pass 'em out. Later on, Maggie, Paula, Merjan, and Neil showed up. Paula and Neil were just back from a trip to Disney World and looked fit and happy. Maggie was in a good mood, too. Amazing, considering she got her truck totalled by a hit & run driver earlier in day!
We all hung out and talked until around 1AM, then Maria, Tab and I went to leave. On the way out Adam pulled up. He'd been out to dinner with Thea. We all jumped in Maria's car and took Tab back to her house (a few blocks away) then headed to the Bad Juju Lounge for one last drink before heading home...
Adam and I paint tomorrow and its Jadie's (James) bithday!

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