I got my new digital camera yesterday and added a new picture to the blog. It was taken at 2AM and BOY-do I need to shave!
I hope to set up a gallery somewhere once I get used to the thing. Its a HP 215-a very basic model, but so far I'm pleased with the results!
Other than that, not a whole lot to report. I was awake for a very long stretch (from noon Tuesday until 9AM Wednesday) so I decided to take it easy. I most puttered around the house and played Deus Ex. Around 10PM or so, Adam and I went up to Barca where DJ J Justice was rocking the 1 and 2. We talked about the upcoming Fuse Ball and Adam's new job as Managing Director of the Fuse Foundation. We were joined by Jamie, J Justice's lovely girlfriend and proceeded to make her blush several times with our silliness.
These are the last few days I have left before I shed my nocturnal ways and join the rest of humanity.
I'm gonna hafta get used to sleeping at night. Man, that sounds weird.
I decided to totally flip-flop my schedule. That means going to bed at 8-9PM and getting up at 2-3AM.
This may get easier as the days get longer.
We'll see.
Tonight marks the return of SEX MACHINE, the 60's & 70's Funk party thrown by DJ's K.O. and Free. The ass-shakin' will commence at The Baltic Room.
If you can make it, please do.
Stu and Adam both took Friday off just so they could get STOOPID.
Well, that's all for now. I'm going to bed 'early' tonight.

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