Its early Monday morning, and I'm home taking MLK Jr. Day early.
Saturday went well, the SIL2K put on an entertaining and fun showcase at EMP in the Demo Lab. They performed Stu's Pulse/Impulse a conducted improv piece and Rob's Grafficka-a sort of improv with symbols. There was some audience participation and people really seemed to enjoy themselves. It was my first visit to EMP, and while I was impressed, I really didn't want to deal with all the crowds. Adam I bailed after the show. Later on, we picked Stu up, went to Tower Records, got some Chinese food and chilled here at the Haus of Intrigue. Oani came up from Puyallup. We decided that the Helle Belles show was probably going to be too crowded, so we went out to Andy's party instead. It was a rocking good time! Everyone was really friendly and DJ Floormatt was laying down some deep and jazzy D&B grooves. I didn't stay as long as I would've liked, Oani was tired and I was a little tuckered out, having gotten lousy sleep the night before. So we left around 2AM.
Adam called me around 2PM and he and I went to brunch at Stella's Trattoria and then to see a movie. 'Venus Beauty Institute', the French flick Stu and I were discussing a couple of weeks ago. I didn't find it sexy OR cheesy, just...??!? As Adam put it: "Something happened there, but I don't know what."
It was the story of Angele, a VERY jaded middle-aged French woman who has decided that emotional attachments are not worth the trouble and that 'flings' are the only relationships worth having. Shortly after the movie opens a fella who has been watching her at the beauty salon she works at tells her that he's in love with her. He is willing to sacrifice his current relationship with his beautiful 20 year old fiancee for our mean, jaded & faded heroine. Can she break through her walls and find love again? "Who Cares!", bellows Stacey. Salon liked the movie a lot more than I did, but since most of the women I've met recently seem to be Angele's younger sisters-I'm not willing to waste a lot time on people with huge chips on their shoudlers.
After the movie, I talked to Tab-she got her tongue pierced and then headed over to Frito's place to watch a movie and hang out. Frito is a gadget freak, so he owns a Geiger-counter. He held his cell phone next to it and the needle went halfway up the dial...guess I'll pass on the Nokia I was considering. However, we did go online and I ordered a digital camera. I'm hoping to move this blog to another server and add pictures, short stories and maybe some music files. Frito is palnning on setting up a Linux server at home...we'll see.
I go back to work tomorrow and Tuesday, then I switch to days. Ugh...daylight. I don't know how I'm gonna cope!

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