Last night was a blast! DJ jjustice kicked out a phat set of beats even tough he wasn't felling so hot. I can't wait to see what he'll do at The Fuse Ball! sub_sonic also played well. Their dense grooves got everybody going and wore us all out. Attendence at the show was OK, considering it was mere days after NYE. Since I'm on the wagon, it took me a little longer to get into mind/ass free mode-but it was all good.
The lovely Tabitha made an appearance and out mutual admiration club remains intact!

Todays "Wow! Neat!!" comes from the infamous Johnny 2X: Online Exhibits @ the Exploratorium! (requires Shockwave)

Also, the Erotic Lit Contest Site is up! Tim says he wants to add a page where you can order last years entries in book form (From Cap'n Piledriver Publishing). He didn't seem to mind if people got started before the official email goes out-so get to it! Read the Rules and air out your imagination!

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