Met Adam for 'lunch' yesterday (around 4PM). we went to Noodles in The People's Republic Of Fremont AKA The Center Of The Universe. Then stopped by Sonic Boom to make some CD purchases. I bought: Isaac Hayes-Hot Buttered Soul, Six Finger Satellite-Severe Exposure, nomeansno-Wrong and the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? I'm gonna have to give up my ghetto pass for sure on that last one...(kidding!)
Later, we went to Stu's to hang out and wait for Frito and Dan (AKA Hellvis), so we could all go down to the Crocodile Cafe for the Fifth Annual Elvis Invitationals.
Folks, I was really let down this year! First of all, tickets were $14.50, then there were only 9 Elvii on hand-usually its 15 or so. Some of the better regulars didn't show up, like the Blond Elvis (I forget his name), Transelvistite (the transvestite Elvis) and 'Elvis Stojko' (whose spoken word version of 'In The Ghetto', complete with a musical saw solo was one of the coolest and funniest things I have ever seen!). I believe it was 'Rockin' Rod' who won-finally! He was TOTALLY ROBBED last year. We gave him a round of applause when he walked into The Frontier Room later that night. Dan caused quite a ruckus in his Hellvis persona (pictures posted soon)My,, maybe next year we'll get him to enter!
Frito decided to crash at our place, so he showed me some cool HTML stuff-notice the changes in the blog-and gave me some pointers. I look forward to experimenting with the look of this blog!
My-look at the time! I better get a Tribes match in and hit the hay. I'll be working without an assistant-starting tomorrow!

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