(More Random Ramblings...)

"Well, I'm home. Now I can follow my intellectual pursuits!"
Somehow, I managed to get the work assigned to me done. After a couple of setbacks it was nice to snatch Victory from the jaws of Defeat. I also got my signed copy of The Living Wild, the new book by local nature photographer Art Wolfe. I did 50-60% of the scanning for that project last year and I'm glad to finally see it in print! My boss wants to go over it with me later on this week. The reviews I read so far are very positive-I'm really psyched!
After work, I stayed a little late yakking with Jason and Kiyo and got home in time to see the first rays of daylight creeping over the horizon. This is my favorite time of day-yet I'm NOT a 'morning person' by any means. For some reason, those first rays coming from the east calm and reassure me. That there will be a new day. There will be more chances to be brilliant or asinine. Or whatever.
Stu and I once had an arguement. I believe the waste of someone's or something's potential is the greatest tragedy. He maintains that its the loss of memory. When I see the first light of day, I'm reminded of that. 'Course, I still think I'm right!
I also wonder about my ancestors. What they thought and felt when seeing that first light. Did they feel a communion with their gods? Were they mostly concerned about the work they faced that day? Did they feel a surge of hope-as I do?
One of the lessons of the Tao is that the universe is in constant flux. I used to hate change, but having gotten older and wiser-I learned to embrace it. Lately, I have the feeling that there are going to be some big changes in my life...I wonder what form they'll take?
'Good' or 'Bad' I resolve to continue to be the Dark God of Wu-wei. (That's a joke, btw) Hopefully, restarting my Wing Chun training will help me deal with whatever comes my way.
Anyway, I'm off to bed...I'm beat!

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