Quick Recap: On Wednesday night, I had dinner with the always amazing Tabitha at the Nara Grill. We needed to spend some quality time together and get caught up. Afterwards, we went out to Neil and Susan's new place and watched Temptation Island, which titillated me with its premise and horrified me with its execution. All I can say is that when it comes to cheap thrills on TV, I prefer the WWF's tongue-in-cheek tomfoolery. After the show, Neil and I played a little Tekken Tag Tournament on his PS2 (my main reason for coming over). Tab got bored with our 'boy stuff' and Neil had an early morning meeting, so we cleared out around 10:30.
Thursday night, Adam and I went to the Sit'N'Spin to see Fairgrove, Aveo & Verona. The house was packed, but we got there early enough to grab a booth that allowed for an unobstructed view of the show. I liked Aveo enought to buy their 4-song EP, but I think Fairgrove might do some serious damage in the months to come. They played an energeetic and powerful set.
Friday, I arose from my coffin early to go to a meeting at work. My boss wanted to fill us in on the direction we'll be heading this year. Also, there will be some shift changes. Week after next, Johnny 2X and I are going to be moving to days, 6AM to 6PM, Sunday through Tuesday. I view this change with mixed feelings as I enjoy the solitude of the night shift. But working days again will put me in touch with people outside my department that I haven't seen in awhile and it will allow me to take Wing Chun classes twice a week.
After the meeting, I visited with folks I hadn't seen in awhile and hung out at Beer:30 (the company buys us a couple of kegs every Friday so that we can celebrate the weeks accomplishments and build relationships with people outside of our departments). I had a coke, then went over The Living Wild with my boss, Richelle. We were generally pleased with what we saw, but sort of disappointed that Jason W. and Lou K. didn't get the credit for the work they did on the book. I'm sure it was just an oversight.
I left work around 5:30 and headed over to The Triangle Tavern to yak with other folks I'd missed. Wound up talking to Kelly S. and Heather V. for quite awhile. They're both giving up cigarettes. Kelly says she's quitting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 'cause if MLK had the courage to face up to institutialized racism and prevail-then she hoped that she could find the courage to quit smoking.
Later, I met Stu and Adam, Michelle, Mike and Ann at Jen S.'s place in The Pike Place Market for a little prefunction before heading to the Croc. The ladies wanted to see the show, we fellas stayed in the bar, checking out the girls and talking shit. Truly a fine evening...
Tomorrow's Action includes an afternoon SIL2K show at EMP, a possible show at I-Spy (Helles Belles an all-girl AC/DC cover band) and a party at Andy's in Georgetown.

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