SO. Are you looking for some new bands/tunes? Then have I got some suggestions for you! I subuscribe to firefly, a mailing list for fans of American Music Club and Mark Eitzel. Recently, the members of the list held a tape swap AND compiled their Best Of lists for the past year. The list I'm about to submit is a combination of most of these sources and stuff I found on my own-please feel free to email me with suggestions of your own (I like that!)

Dance Hall Crashers-Yeah, I'm late to the party AND they don't have a horn section anymore. So What?! I think they're still the best 'third wave' ska band around. Why No Doubt is more famous, I'll never know.
Coldplay-We wore this one out at work, having downloaded the album and the EPs before the American release came out. I'm gonna try and catch them at the Showbox in February. Who's with me?!
Low-mininal and blazing. I didn't want to check these guys out, but then Scott V. from Scotland put 'Dinosaur Act' on tape for me and I was blown away.
Doves-Their album 'Lost Souls' totally captured my ears with its moody, shiny pop. I hope they tour the States and I'm REALLY looking forward to their next release.
Sunny Day Real Estate-'The Rising Tide' is an almost perfect album. Great songs, great production. I'm really surprised that this was overlooked by the mainstream press.
The Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs. Buy It. Trust Me.
Scott Walker-This guy was amazing. I still think he's making records too, see if you can find 'Rosemary'-it will haunt you.
The Bathers-Another Scott V. suggestions. Another CD I must buy. *sighs happily*

That's it for now. Other suggestions are in the Archives...
Thank Yew!

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