Stacey to Stu: (After watching him 'chat up' a couple of women we know)

Stacey: "Dood, are you being charming?"
Stu: "I'm drunk! I can't be anything but!"

You know like, when you're REALLY baked and you're listening to music and you don't HEAR the bass anymore? Like its being beamed straight into your head?!
I spent some time today modifying the blog. Wound up having to start over. I don't know what I'm doing-but I'm finding out!
SEX MACHINE 4 was lots of fun. I got to do some dancin' and formally congradulated Neil and Susan on their engagement. Those crazy kids!
Tomorrow night, Kinski and Voyager One are gonna lay down the smack at The Crocodile Cafe. Oh, and Tower Records is having a SALE!
I canna wait!

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