Stu and I comtemplate movie choices:

"How about this one? Its French-could be really sexy. Or really cheesy."

"Hmm. Really, what is the difference between the two?"

"Sexy gives you a boner!"

Wound up seeing Traffic with Stu and Adam tonight. I liked it, the execution and performances were flawless.
I thought the movie managed to avoid being heavy-handed, but it avoided addressing a glaring issue. Everyone should know by now that the law treats drug offenders differently, based on race and class and even the types of of drug used (crack vs. powder cocaine-for example). The movie hints at it, but doesn't really develop that angle.
Its too bad, 'cause that subject-deftly explored could have made for a more engrossing and powerful movie.
After the film (which ended sometime after midnight), we headed to Barca to have a nightcap, then headed for home.

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