Woke up around 2PM today. I was going to try and ease into the time change, but I don't think its gonna work. I'm going to have to do this the hard way, which means a couple of weeks of pure hell while I get used to a new routine. I can do this!
Anyway, Stu, Adam and Tim called and said they were gonna do some running around and asked if I'd like to join them. They came by around four and we headed to Display & Costume near Northgate Mall to look for costumes for the Fuse Ball. We spent over an hour looking at all the stuff they had, but nothing fired my imagination. Brocklind's will probably be next on my list and maybe Champion's.
We had dinner at Red Robin's, then dropped Tim off at home. Stu, Adam and I proceeded to Tower where I dropped $70 on new plastic (Its a sickness-I know! I'll review all of my new purchases later). Then met Tabitha at Stu's place. Tab was kind enough to get beer, so we kicked back and talked and listened to music. Tabitha didn't want to see Kinski and Voyager One with us, so we parted ways around 10PM and headed to The Croc. We missed Peter Buck's thing, (Jamie & Friends) and the High Violet's were well into their set when we arrived. The Violet's were pretty cool, very 'shoegazery' with nice male-female harmonies from the two guitarists. I bailed out of the music room to see who was at the club and missed the rest of their set.
Karen and Thea showed up, as did Laurie B. and a friend of hers who's name escapes me now.
After that, Kinski proceeded to kick my ass. I believe only two of their songs had vocals, but they put on a blistering set-building a huge wall of sound from loud, repetitive, jazzy riffs. Chris Martin (vox, guitar) jumped around like a madman when they really got going! I bought their CD after their set.
Then Voyager One came on and really peeled the paint off the walls! I don't know how they get such a HUGE sound, but to stand in the blast was incredible-even though my ears didn't ring afterwards. Strange. Fuse together Spacemen 3, Ride and Sonic Youth and you get an idea of what I'm on about. Their CD doesn't come close to what they sound like live!
After the show we hung out until the bar closed, then Karen gave me, Stu and Adam a ride back to Stu's place. Karen and Thea came up to the apartment and we hung out for a while. I borrowed some Peter Gabriel-era Genesis from Stu and then Adam drove me back to my place.
All & all-a good day.

BTW-sub_sonic is playing Nation/I-Spy tonight! Come by if you can!

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