Wow, last night was a whirlwind of activity...After leaving work, I stopped by the drugstore for some supplies. Adam was here moving stuff in, so He and I zipped into Fremont to get the last of his stuff. We tied his bed to the top of his Subaru and just like the VW commercial, we forget to open the doors first! I had to climb in through the window-no easy feat when you're as big as I am.
Nontheless we made it here without incident. After freshening up a bit, I headed to Targy's Tavern on Queen Anne to meet Sensi Pete! He was looking good and was really happy to be back. We drank beers and watched the Sonics self-destruct against the Utah Jazz-just like old times! I hung out until 11, then headed down to SIL2K, for the second night of their anniversary celebration. I had some cake, talked to some people I hadn't seen in awhile (due to working nights since last May) and caught Plastiq Phantom's DJ set. I bailed around midnight (I'd been up for around 20 hours), came home, downloaded the pix I'd taken (added to the slideshow for your enjoyment), ate some Lucky Charms and went to bed.
Today, I'm happy to see that I got an email from my buddy George-Glad to see he's doing well 'neath the Oakland Lights!
I have a Production meeting to attend in an hour...I better scoot!

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