El Stu: I'm gonna write my groundbreaking book, "The Way Of Apathy"...as soon I can care enough to bother.


Finally! An explanation for my singlehood! I'm almost never sick and both my ex's hated the pill! Coinkydink? I think not...


Fhoo Pah-

So I'm downstairs Sunday after work-talking to Adam about our Friday night and how much fun it was and he says: And you! Kissing Angela! What's up with that?!
Me: What?! I so did not!
Adam: You did so! Right in front of me! You grabbed her and planted one right on her!
Me (horrified-Exceptionally Bad Form to be mackin' on yr roommate's date): Dude! I've never even had a dirty thought about Angela-You sure?!
Adam: Totally sure!
Me: Sorry dude-Honest to God, I don't remember it.
Adam: Ha! Too bad-she's a great kisser!
Me: No wonder she was flipping me shit yesterday! I didn't even know what she was talking about. I better call her and apologize. I don't want her to think I've been secretly lusting after her bod! (This would make her a rare exception to the rule-but true nonetheless)

Adam gives me Angela's number. While I think of what to say, I try to recall the events of the evening. I remember most everything but there's a vague impression of being out on the dance floor...Damn you, Man Gene!
I call on Adam's phone-feeling cheesy: Hey, its Stacey...
Angela: I was wondering why Adam was calling back so soon. Stace, you don't need to apologize. I've been waiting for you to kiss me for years! (Clearly joking-whew, she's not mad!)
Me: Well, I don't know what got into me, you know when I'm tired/drunk and overstimulated my internal censor turns off. I'm sorry, man...I don't even remember doing it.
Angela: Its cool!
Me: OK-I'm swearing off Ice Tea's at the Backdoor!

Angela rules...


Just back back from seeing 'In The Mood For Love' with El Stu. REVIEW? Stu: "That movie made me want to wear nice suits, take up smoking and brooding." Stacey: "Reminded me of my love life-All buildup and no payoff."

Last night I went to see DJ Aaron's happy-hour set at the Baltic Room, only to find that a private party was being thrown there instead. So I headed across the street to Cafe Bauhaus and read The Stranger and had a mocha. Afterwards, I walked up Pine Street to Barca, taking a couple of pictures along the way. Frito met me at Barca and we hung out until about 10 with Dan, James and Carmel. Then Frito and I headed down to Pioneer Square to the Back Door Ultra Lounge, where DJ Riz was spinning. Thea, her sister Nikki (visiting from D.C.), Adam, Angela and Stu all showed up later. The tunes were bumpin' and there were a lot of pretty girls to gawk at. We danced, had a Longuyland Ice Tea (you only need one...whoa.) and got good and messed! We had a lovely time and managed to get home unharmed, even though the cops were gassing people just a few blocks away.

Tonight, I'm going to meet my old partners in crime, Steve & Juli and Steve's intended, Sandie...should be an interesting night.


Its so nice to know you're not alone...


Ever wonder what a map of Cyberspace would look like?
On a day like this-when its bright and sunny out-I like to drive around and listen to loud music. Preferably Van Halen, Queens of the Stone Age, Deathray or Then Clash.
Since the car is still on the fritz and I'm stuck at home, I decided to bask in the happyhappyjoyjoy of Scritti Politti. WhooHoo!
Speaking of tunage, Chris K. (handsome fella in the red scarf in the slideshow) sent out a list of shows he (and by extension I) would like to see:

Fri 02/23/01 NoMeansNo Graceland
Sat 02/24/01 Leftover Salmon Showbox
Sun 02/25/01 Deathray Crocodile Cafe
Tue 02/27/01 face to face DV8
Tue 02/27/01 Bright Eyes Paradox Theatre
Tue 02/27/01 John Wesley Harding Showbox
Thu 03/01/01 Mojave 3 Crocodile Cafe
Mon 03/05/01 Girls Against Boys Crocodile Cafe
Tue 03/06/01 Kristin Hersh Borders Books & Music
Tue 03/06/01 Roni Size Reprazent Showbox
Thu 03/08/01 Lee "Scratch" Perry Bohemian
Fri 03/09/01 ** Doves Crocodile Cafe
Fri 03/09/01 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Graceland
Sat 03/10/01 Brassy / Idlewild Graceland
Mon 03/12/01 Richard Thompson King Cat Theatre
Tue 03/20/01 Reel Big Fish Graceland
Wed 03/21/01 Mogwai Showbox
Sun 03/25/01 MxPx Showbox
Sat 03/31/01 The Waterboys Paramount Theatre
Thu 04/12/01 PJ Harvey/U2 Tacoma Dome
Wed 04/04/01 HotWater Music/Leatherface Graceland
Fri 04/06/01 Joe Jackson King Cat Theatre
Fri 04/13/01 ** Low Paradox Theatre
Sat 05/26-7/01 David Gray Moore Theatre

I'm really excited about Doves and Low and I might just try to make it to NOMEANSNO tomorrow night, 'cause they kicked my ass the first time I saw them @ The Backstage back in '90.If you see anything of interest, email me and we'll go!
Also, remember Mahir? Glad to see he's doing well...(via Metafilter)


And we're back!

Feeling much better today-after 12 hours of sleep! WhooHoo! Dan and I are going over to Ji-Huyn's fer dinner tonight-I'm psyched, 'cause that gal can cook!
Saw this on Metafilter today and decided not to jump into the raging debate. The brothas I came up with certainly don't fit into this stereotype and I gave up on seeing any realistic protrayals of Black males on TV a long time ago. (I guess we're exceedingly boring.) Don't get me wrong-I used to watch Springer regularly, but I do know the difference. I remember growing up and watch 'Good Times' and having my mother have to explain to me what 'The Ghetto' and 'The Projects' were all about.
TV is pretty powerful in forming opinions. I've been accused of 'acting white' (by white people-ha!), I guess because I like to read, prefer to listen to Rock & Roll over Rap (though I love them both) and don't use a lot of slang when I talk! Odd.
You'd think black Americans live in another country altogether.
Anyway, I've always felt that the individual was more important than the group. I just gotta be me and if you're down with that, cool. If not, that's cool too. Just don't touch me.
In any case, I shall continue to follow my family's example and roll my sick ass out of bed and work for what I have, try to be a decent person and treat others as I wish to be treated-not to set an example but simply because its the right thing to do.
Sometimes-Actually quite often, I run into the limitations of words, of language. Has that ever happened to you? If you don't understand what I mean, here's a simple example-try writing a song or poem that doesn't use a cliche.
Actually, the wall I hit comes when I try to express feelings in a way that doesn't sound cheesy. Even saying 'I love you' has to qualified by a long preamble if I don't mean it in its eros form. On top of that, when I'm tired or stressed I tend to get quiet and I just want to be left alone. And on top of that, I have a real problem with people I don't know very well or trust, preferring to warm up to them gradually. When I met El Stu for the first time, I thought 'Now there's a guy I probably won't get along with'. Same with Chad, yet I consider them two of my best friends! Inversely, I really hate when someone pays me an unexpected compliment or attention. I immediatley become self-conscious and uncomfortable 'cause I know what a slug I really am. Tabitha gives me shit about not making eye contact with her when we're talking. So does Karen. Of course, this only makes it harder. St. George, if we ever meet-I swear I'll give it my best shot!
Why do I tell you all this? What am I on about?
Well, that guy Mike-came down from Calgary along with the new scanner to teach me and 2X how to use it-finished up his last day of training with us. I've been pretty cranky and withdrawn all week. (morning person=not!) Although he made several overtures, trying to get to know me better, it took a real effort on my part not to scream, 'LEAVE ME ALONE!!' 'cause I just didn't have the juice to be more extroverted. At the same time I felt guilty as hell over it AND I was frustrated 'cause my bosses didn't really tell us how they wanted us to structure our time with him-plus the imaging team was running out of work and kept pestering us, due to the fact the one of the machines had to be disconnected from the network in order to acommodate the new one.
Anyway, Mike solidiered on, giving us some great tips on the scanner, scanning and color-correction. He told me a bit about himself, his wife and kids (he missed them), and sort of hinted around that he could use some company in the off hours. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't rude or anything. I did my best to keep from turning up my defensive shields to full power, even when he was hovering over my shoulder watching me work. But still, everything I said and did felt forced.
However, he did an excellent job right to the end-which was the worst. As he was saying goodbye, he told us he'd miss us and was hoping he could come back to town to work with us again soon and that if we had any questions, he was at our disposal.
If he was a close friend, I would've hugged him and wished him a safe trip. But I certainly coulndn't/wouldn't do that. Actually, I'm not even sure I shook his hand...gahd, I felt both shitty and relieved when he finally left for the evening. I'm sure he thought I disliked him the whole time and now I feel like crying for having done that...
So I did the only thing I could do. I wrote an email to my boss giving Mike some mad props. And I asked her to thank him for me. As soon as I can think of an appropriate 'thank you' gift, I'm sending to him. Until then, I'm gonna hide out and get some rest.
I'm really sorry, Mike. Thanks again...


Just got back from SIL2K and the boys ROCKED! They played about six 'songs', all of them instrumental. Rob played some cool texural parts and big, chiming notes, constrasted with short blasts of noise. Some parts had surf-guitar twang to them. Stu and Kevin pretty much drove the thing but there were times one or the other would fall out, almost like a dub. Stu's minimal drumming was really impressive. I played with the guy for years and he was definitely into some new territory. Mogwai, Sigur Ros & Kinski all got mentioned, but this was way cooler. Much less forced and jazzy.
The fellas got something like 2 minutes of applause after the set. James recorded it, so hopefully he'll burn a copy for me!
I guess blogspot suffered some sort of hiccup this morning. Dozens of us were unable to publish and visitors to my weblog were unable to see it. Some of the messages on Blogger's troubleshooting message board were rather desperate as the day wore on and anxious webloggers were eager to find out just what had happened to their blogs.
On the flip side, I did hear from perhaps my biggest fan, Anna L. who sent me TWO messages telling me she couldn't live without my blog! That's love...Can Ya Feel It?!
Also, Danielle from M A R V E L G I R L 7 invited me to join her blog, cracked weblog! I will dropping in to refer the fellow listees (which includes her mother!) to things that may (or may not!) interest them.
For those of you who may care, I'd like to say I had a pretty good day at work. Spent some time learning the ends and outs of the S Chromograph 3900 and expanded my color correcting skillz in PS. Mike from our Calgary office is one heck of a nice guy and a great teacher!

Tonight, A-da-mu and I are going down to SIL2K to witness the debut of TransAtlantic IceFloe, featuring El Stu on drums, El Rob on Guitar and El Kevin on bass!
This should shred!! Yay verily...

I just received the following message:

whats up? thought i'd send you the lastest breaking story around here. i
asked sandie to marry me on valentines day over dinner at anthonys in
edmonds, and she accepted. the date is tentatively set for september 14th at
the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas.

we'll be sending out invitations hopefully within a month so people can plan

scoop your jaw off the floor and email me back. - steve

Oh My...I'm speechless. I thought Steve would NEVER take the plunge! And along with my friend Jeff, there will be two weddings to attend this year. This means that ALL of my best buddies from High School are going to be hitched.

I better get busy!

M A R V E L G I R L 7, the kind of girls I like to hang out with. Smart, funny and cute. Nice site, too!


Random Ramblings...

Tabitha and Stacey discuss a group trip to Snoqualmie:
"I just want this to be a really good time. Like a high school trip-Lots of cheap beer and stuff."
"Really?! I was hoping for something more decadent."
"Well, you have to understand-this cabin is really...you know, like a basic A-frame."
"Hmph, too bad. I was going to make my chicken wings in honey, curry & tahini sau-"
"OK! Let's do that then!"

I've been told on more than one occasion that I have the patience of a saint (They don't know me vewey well-do they?). I think the truth is closer to this: I have the masochistic streak of a saint...or something. I enjoy feeling like crap.
Actually, I don't really even feel like crap anymore-I'm so used to it. I just worked a 12-hour day on something like 3 hours sleep and here it is, well after 11 and I just know I'll be awake for another hour or two before I finally crash & have get up to get ready for work at 4:45AM. Yet, somehow I do the dumb things I gotta do and put my hand inside the puppet head. Or something.
I ain't complaining-Rilly! Just Stating A Fact!!
The world has turned and left me here-My roommates have abandoned our happy (and boy-smelly) ship for the pleasures of female companionship and the remainder of the three day weekend. Which sucks 'cause Adam has the toilet paper! (short version: my turn to buy-too lazy-bribed roommate)
Anyway, at times like these I think back to about twelve years ago to when I was the only one in a house of four guys without said female companionship. How I seethed at the unfairness of the Gods! How dare they fix up my crude and oafish friends with pretty and charming young ladies-leaving me to sullenly watch TV and sing "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" to myself over and over again!
These days, I'm much more serene. I'm not even bummed over getting only one valentine (Thanks Amy!). To paraphrase Sartre: "Heck is other people."
I think of my situation as a synthesis of Hugh Hefner and Fox Mulder-Constantly surrounded by beautiful women but always going home alone to his collection of porn.
I ain't complaining-Rilly! Just Stating A Fact!!
Ladies-y'all are gonna want to get with me some day.
All Leo's crave power and fame and this one is no different...When I make my move, the heavens will shake! The oceans will be tossed from their beds! Bald men will grow hair again! (oh, yeah...that's already happenin')

See?! Its started already! Or something...


Hey There,
Spent most of the day in recovery. El Stu called around 3PM to see if I'd be interested in going out to Silver Platters to look for some CD's. He's been trying to find some old soul, funk and R&B stuff to round out his collection (1700+ and growing!). We drove out to Southcenter and looked around. Most of the stuff I want is not out yet (Rae & Christian, Low), but I did get 'Full Contact'-Dry & Heavy (**SERIOUSLY BAD-ASS!!), 'Todd Rundgren Presents The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect;-Todd Rundgren, 'Dub Reggae Essentials'-Various Artists and 'Reggae Hit The Town'-The Ethiopians. Stu struck out totally. We went down the street to Borders where Stu fmanaged to find a Temptations disc.
Traffic was crazy around the Mall! Risking death and dismemberment, we blasted across four lanes of traffic to Red Robin for dinner.
I declared that I was stying in tonight to tinker with the blog, so Stu dropped me off and headed to a show at On The Boards.
Its off to work tomorrow. I'm gonna add a few pictures from the party last night and then head off to bed...

**note the spelling of BAD-ASS. TWO words not one-meaning this CD kicks ass like Lee Van Cleef!! Fa'Reals...
Just got back from Scott Bwoy's. We had a really good time. Rev. Myron Lester's Belgian Honey White was a VERY tasty beer. My former co-worker Corine was in the house-I hadn't seen her in a long time and was glad she made it. It was Scott's friend Janelle's birthday, so we got to have some chocolate/mint cake and wish her a happy 29th too!
There were naked wimmens in the hot tub and dancing in the living room and lots of hugs and kisses for ol' Stace. Not bad.
As you can see, I'm having some problems with my blog. It displays properly in the editor but not on the actual site...I will be spending some time tomorrow either resolving those issues or making some new ones. ; P
Its almost 5AM...I'm freezing and I should REALLY hit the hay...



TICKETS FOR THE DOVES SHOW are now on sale at TicketWeb!! I got mine-you gotta get yours!

P.S. I bought 3. Laurie B. wants one and I offered one to Stu, but he may pass...
Another Brooklyn Exhibit Draws Fire From Giuliani. Eh-big deal...I figure Ol' Rudy has to find some way to keep his name in the papers. However, I am intrigued by the photograph in question-and I almost spit out my tea laughing when I read its title...
Here's a Salon link to the story.

I couldn't find a copy of the 'offending' photograph...but then Giuliani hasn't seen it either.
The FuseBall 'Thank-You' Party was a lot of fun. Laurie B. and I showed up around 8:30 and had a few drinks and talked to all the people we knew. The laid-off fomer Masters Of The Planet were also there. (Fookin' Bums!)
Later on, I got a ride up to Barca with Paula and Neil...It was snowing outside and contrary to everyone's expectations-sticking.
Barca felt like the last happy outpost at the end of the world. Stu, Tim, Anna, Corey, Paula, Dan, & Tim and a bunch of others made the trek up to Capitol Hill. We took lots of pictures, drank, laughed and watched the snow pile up outside. Damn, I loves you peoples...
After closing the joint, Dan and I drove slowly home to Ballard through the empty, white-blanketed streets...it was beautiful.


Frito just emailed me with this link to his webcam that he will be using to broadcast his Presidential Party tomorrow night. If you can't make it, catch all the action online in yet another display of neat or ultimately useless technology!
A belated Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Mine was good in spite of being single (and only liking somewhat). I just got back from the Valentine's Day party at I-Spy/Nation.
Sensi Pete and I hooked up earlier in the day and went to the Lava Lounge in Belltown for some beers. There were a couple of DJ's playing glam and punk tunes. I think one of them went into mild shock when I requested "I'm Stranded" and "You" but hey, that's his problem. (Wha'? Dreadlocks listen to punk?!)
I-Spy/Nation was jumpin' with karaoke in the Main Room and DJ's in the Mezzanine. There were a lot a pretty girls dressed in red. They even had a kissing booth!
Stu, Pete, Angela and I wandered around before the sound of 2step drew us to the Mezzanine, where we danced the night away...

Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow...The FuseBall Volunteer Thank-You party is today back at Nation. Rumor has it that there is a party for the recently laid-off Amazonians downstairs at I-Spy...should be interesting.

On another note-I bought Scott Walker's Boy Child '67-'70 CD and I think its wonderful. Imagine Andy Williams channeling Nick Cave...

Finally, I'd like to wish my friends Chad and Patty a happy THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!


OK. I am removing the pictures from the FuseBall and throwing up some random shots from my camera and elsewhere. If you want copies (all 216 X 216 pixles-not suitable for printing!) please email me and I'll send 'em to ya.


Swooping in to make a few changes to the page. Nothing remarkable happened today...Well, except this. There's this really cute woman I know that I was sort of (whatever 'sort of' means) interested in. I got rebuffed, but a friendship was offered instead. Wanting to be gracious in an awkward situation-I took the offer. A few months went by and we both discovered that friendship wasn't something we were suited for. Complicating this further was the appearance of a new boyfriend. After a few almost harsh words were exchanged, we mutually opted out of the relationship. I'd seen her a couple of times in the last 3-4 months but nothing was ever said and I figured we'd just go on ignoring one another. Which suited me just fine.
So today I'm doing my thang, bombing around and who do I see? Its her. Right in front of me. "Hey Stacey," she says cheerfully.
Caught off guard, I managed a (hopefully nonchalant-sounding) "Hey." And quickly went on with my bid-ness...
Why do mention this? 'Cause even with her flat hair and sweats and even though I've (mentally!) called her every bad name I can think of-she is so effing beautiful! I wanted to grab her and full-on kiss her!
I am soooo weird!

PS-Frito hipped me to the target=new tag...now the Links open a new window! Wow! Neat!!


Attended Carlapalooza last night at Leilani Lanes! I sang 'Tempted' by Squeeze and got mad props! Unfortunately the Birthday Girl, Ms. Carla B. was so plastered that they'd already stuck her in a cab for home by the time I got up...
After me, Sensi Pete sang 'Black Coffee In Bed' and Adam & Stu did 'Against All Odds' by Phil Collins. Fine performances by all-And we weren't even drunk!
Went to work on something like 2 hours sleep-I had to ride the bus too, 'cause I think the alternator in the old T-Bird had finally called it a day. I'll deal with that later. Erhg!
I did see dawn coming on the horizon (which y'all know I like-but why does it have to happen so EARLY?) and it was a beautiful, clear, cold and sunny day. Fremont was jumping with weekend market action. Weekend Quote: 'Oh, and happy fuckin' birthday!!' (One girl to another outside of Noodles-I'm sure she was being sincere.)
Anyway, not much going on otherwise. We get a new scanner at work on Thursday, a Heidelberg 3900. With it comes a technician to teach us how to use it. Thus, no Presidents Day for me...I may even have to come in on my days off. Oh, well.

BTW-Frito and his roommate Noelle are throwing a party on Friday! Be there or be square!


Psst! Hey you! Need some fonts?


Last night was excellent! Maria, Tab, Angela, Adam and I had a lovely dinner. We had flank steak, salad, rice pilaf, sweet potato/pecan bread, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, stawberries, a nice dry red wine, Coke and Blackthorn cider. Afterward, we lit some candles and listened to jazz, trip-hop and deep house and lolled on the couches, yakking up a storm. Too bad the ladies had to work in morning!
I haven't decided what tonight's activities will be. Sensi Pete called and wants to hang out. Adam says he's staying in. Tomorrow is Carmal and Carla's birthday, so we'll have plenty of party action. Unfortunately, I have to be at work at 6AM on Sunday, so I'm gonna hafta take it easy!
OK-being something of a geek I downloaded Groove, a program that allows people to create 'virtual spaces' for file sharing, chat and even websurfing. This is great for collabroatibe projects! There are even sketchpads inside tor quickly drawing your ideas...hopefully I can get some friends to play with me online, so download it today!


OK-Its 4AM and I'm here in the basement freezing my nose off. Yet I must update! I must!
Thanks to the VERY lovely Thea for her kind email-too bad you won't be coming to dinner tonight-but I understand, the mountains are calling and you must answer!
I spent most of the day at ConWorks helping Adam, Nick and Tim with the final cleanup of the space. Managed to swipe a few nifty items out of the all the stuff that got left behind, including the last pinata that was hanging in the gallery. I've got more condoms and candy than I possibly could ever use, so if you need a hookup-drop me a line!
Afterwards, Adam and I met up with Tab and Ryan. It was Britpop night at The Baltic Room. We had some drinks, bobbed our heads to the music and had fine conversations. Anna, you are LAME for not showing up!
After Nadine hit the decks, we decided to leave. We stopped at the QFC and bought wine (one with "chewy tannins!"), Pringles and bridge mix and headed to Tab's small but stylish and cozy apartment, where we listened to The The's Dusk album and talked about books, erotica and music well into the night. It is all about love after all!-Thanks guys for a night sweeter than Byron Stingily's falsetto!
Leaving around 2AM, we were pleased to find it snowing (though not sticking) outside.
I look forward to tonight's little dinner gathering at La Casa De La Hombres Muy Extranos (AKA The Haus Of Intrigue). I'm making my special flank steak-marinated in honey, spices & booze!


This comic pretty much sums up how I'm feeling lately. I'm sure its just the weather. Why can't we just skip January and February and get right into spring? *sigh*


More pix from the FuseBall! They can be found here and


Foveon is set to produce a camera with a resolution of 4096 X 4096. Using a CMOS chip this camera could be available for about the same price as current 35mm cameras, with TWICE the resolution! Specs are here.
Time for me to head to design school? (Thanks, Chad.)


I am happy to report the Fuse Ball was a smashing success! Exceeding my expectations.
I arrived with Dan (The Electric Cowboy) around 11PM and everything was in full swing! Like stepping into another world! I was so overwhelmed that I hid out in Anna Lange's installment just until I could adjust. (Deep in the arms of Venus DeMilo, ya'know.)
So many good friends came, KMO and Lara, Caryn, Adam, Lisa, Dante and Kim, Bryan, Tabitha, Laurie B., Paula, Maggie, Antonio, Matt and Leslie, Karen, Thea, and the Children of Dyonisus all showed up looking great! I heard LaMovita laid it down in the Swamp Room and the sub_sonic boys teamed up with Lawrence (LaMovita's Bass player) and the Godfather of Seattle DJ culture, MASA for some super fat grooves.
I was really impressed by all of the awesome costumes and the creativity everyone showed. I was told there was something like 500-600 (maybe more) in attendance, including city council members Nick Licata and the MC, Judy Nicastro. (Dan Savage dropped out 'cause NW AIDS Foundation was one of the benefactors and he has been rather critical of that organization). Someone told me Paul Allen was in the joint! I got my ass grabbed by four women! One I didn't even know! WhooHoo!
I got home sometime 5:30 and went back to ConWorks at 1PM to help with the clean up. Its been a long weekend, folks...
Props to Maria (seen licking Anna) for all her amazing hard work, she put in countless hours and waded through a lot of hassles to get this thing on. And a shoutout to J. Justice, for working his ass off today on cleanup!
Wait 'til next year folks. FuseBall2 is going to be even better!
I'm posting some pictures I took, unfortunately I'm still learning how to use the camera and the lighting conditions weren't the best. Email me if you have any questions!

Correction: Adam painted his room 'Cranberry Zing', not 'Chinese Dragon Red' as reported earlier.

Quotes of the Weekend:
"What did you say?!"
"Oh-I was just telling Adam that I'd never noticed that you had such great legs before." (See for yourself)
(Pause-then sounding annoyed and off-put) "Oh....thanks."
"Well, you asked!"
"What do you mean you never noticed?!"

"Could you turn your body off so I can hear what you're saying?!"


Short update tonight. I spent 16 hours at ConWorks helping set up for the Party tonight...Everything is coming together and the place will be amazing by the time this goes off at 9PM. Its really exciting seeing people come together and create something out of nothing. Even if we don't get a sellout, this will be a great start to what will hopefully become a new Seattle tradition! Actually, a couple of new Seattle traditions as the Fuse Foundation's first round of grants will be announced shortly after the party.
I'm beat, my dogs are barkin' and I'm gonna go back again at 11AM to load in some musical equipment...
Looking forward to seeing everyone decked out and ready to rumble tonight...I think you'll be impressed!
Pictures and a full report later!


This site tells you the No.1 US or UK single on any day you desire. I used my birthday 8/13/67 and found out it was "Light My Fire" by the Doors.
Appropriate, I think.
My sister Heidi, whose birthday is TODAY, came into this world with Tommy James & The Shondells "Crimson and Clover" at number one in the US. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!! 32...We've come a long way, baby!
Next, I'd like to remind you all that although February is that 'official' Black History Month, EVERY MONTH IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH!.
I suggest y'all go out getcher learn on...There's so much!
Try this or this or this.
Then come back and tell me what you've found...OK?

The Fuse Ball is this Saturday folks! Hit Ticketweb, grab a costume and come on down!!

Finally, I would like to give a shoutout to the folks at PYRA LABS, makers of Blogger, which is what I use here on this humble site. They are in effect, out of business-but may (hopefully) return if they get some backing or a new business model.
If only the world ran on good ideas instead of money...Anyway, if they do switch to a pay scheme-I'd happily pay! This little project has been rewarding in ways I'd never considered when I started it!

Going to Con Works to do some heavy lifting...