And we're back!

Feeling much better today-after 12 hours of sleep! WhooHoo! Dan and I are going over to Ji-Huyn's fer dinner tonight-I'm psyched, 'cause that gal can cook!
Saw this on Metafilter today and decided not to jump into the raging debate. The brothas I came up with certainly don't fit into this stereotype and I gave up on seeing any realistic protrayals of Black males on TV a long time ago. (I guess we're exceedingly boring.) Don't get me wrong-I used to watch Springer regularly, but I do know the difference. I remember growing up and watch 'Good Times' and having my mother have to explain to me what 'The Ghetto' and 'The Projects' were all about.
TV is pretty powerful in forming opinions. I've been accused of 'acting white' (by white people-ha!), I guess because I like to read, prefer to listen to Rock & Roll over Rap (though I love them both) and don't use a lot of slang when I talk! Odd.
You'd think black Americans live in another country altogether.
Anyway, I've always felt that the individual was more important than the group. I just gotta be me and if you're down with that, cool. If not, that's cool too. Just don't touch me.
In any case, I shall continue to follow my family's example and roll my sick ass out of bed and work for what I have, try to be a decent person and treat others as I wish to be treated-not to set an example but simply because its the right thing to do.

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