Attended Carlapalooza last night at Leilani Lanes! I sang 'Tempted' by Squeeze and got mad props! Unfortunately the Birthday Girl, Ms. Carla B. was so plastered that they'd already stuck her in a cab for home by the time I got up...
After me, Sensi Pete sang 'Black Coffee In Bed' and Adam & Stu did 'Against All Odds' by Phil Collins. Fine performances by all-And we weren't even drunk!
Went to work on something like 2 hours sleep-I had to ride the bus too, 'cause I think the alternator in the old T-Bird had finally called it a day. I'll deal with that later. Erhg!
I did see dawn coming on the horizon (which y'all know I like-but why does it have to happen so EARLY?) and it was a beautiful, clear, cold and sunny day. Fremont was jumping with weekend market action. Weekend Quote: 'Oh, and happy fuckin' birthday!!' (One girl to another outside of Noodles-I'm sure she was being sincere.)
Anyway, not much going on otherwise. We get a new scanner at work on Thursday, a Heidelberg 3900. With it comes a technician to teach us how to use it. Thus, no Presidents Day for me...I may even have to come in on my days off. Oh, well.

BTW-Frito and his roommate Noelle are throwing a party on Friday! Be there or be square!

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