A belated Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Mine was good in spite of being single (and only liking somewhat). I just got back from the Valentine's Day party at I-Spy/Nation.
Sensi Pete and I hooked up earlier in the day and went to the Lava Lounge in Belltown for some beers. There were a couple of DJ's playing glam and punk tunes. I think one of them went into mild shock when I requested "I'm Stranded" and "You" but hey, that's his problem. (Wha'? Dreadlocks listen to punk?!)
I-Spy/Nation was jumpin' with karaoke in the Main Room and DJ's in the Mezzanine. There were a lot a pretty girls dressed in red. They even had a kissing booth!
Stu, Pete, Angela and I wandered around before the sound of 2step drew us to the Mezzanine, where we danced the night away...

Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow...The FuseBall Volunteer Thank-You party is today back at Nation. Rumor has it that there is a party for the recently laid-off Amazonians downstairs at I-Spy...should be interesting.

On another note-I bought Scott Walker's Boy Child '67-'70 CD and I think its wonderful. Imagine Andy Williams channeling Nick Cave...

Finally, I'd like to wish my friends Chad and Patty a happy THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!

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