The FuseBall 'Thank-You' Party was a lot of fun. Laurie B. and I showed up around 8:30 and had a few drinks and talked to all the people we knew. The laid-off fomer Masters Of The Planet were also there. (Fookin' Bums!)
Later on, I got a ride up to Barca with Paula and Neil...It was snowing outside and contrary to everyone's expectations-sticking.
Barca felt like the last happy outpost at the end of the world. Stu, Tim, Anna, Corey, Paula, Dan, & Tim and a bunch of others made the trek up to Capitol Hill. We took lots of pictures, drank, laughed and watched the snow pile up outside. Damn, I loves you peoples...
After closing the joint, Dan and I drove slowly home to Ballard through the empty, white-blanketed streets...it was beautiful.

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