Just back back from seeing 'In The Mood For Love' with El Stu. REVIEW? Stu: "That movie made me want to wear nice suits, take up smoking and brooding." Stacey: "Reminded me of my love life-All buildup and no payoff."

Last night I went to see DJ Aaron's happy-hour set at the Baltic Room, only to find that a private party was being thrown there instead. So I headed across the street to Cafe Bauhaus and read The Stranger and had a mocha. Afterwards, I walked up Pine Street to Barca, taking a couple of pictures along the way. Frito met me at Barca and we hung out until about 10 with Dan, James and Carmel. Then Frito and I headed down to Pioneer Square to the Back Door Ultra Lounge, where DJ Riz was spinning. Thea, her sister Nikki (visiting from D.C.), Adam, Angela and Stu all showed up later. The tunes were bumpin' and there were a lot of pretty girls to gawk at. We danced, had a Longuyland Ice Tea (you only need one...whoa.) and got good and messed! We had a lovely time and managed to get home unharmed, even though the cops were gassing people just a few blocks away.

Tonight, I'm going to meet my old partners in crime, Steve & Juli and Steve's intended, Sandie...should be an interesting night.

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