Hey There,
Spent most of the day in recovery. El Stu called around 3PM to see if I'd be interested in going out to Silver Platters to look for some CD's. He's been trying to find some old soul, funk and R&B stuff to round out his collection (1700+ and growing!). We drove out to Southcenter and looked around. Most of the stuff I want is not out yet (Rae & Christian, Low), but I did get 'Full Contact'-Dry & Heavy (**SERIOUSLY BAD-ASS!!), 'Todd Rundgren Presents The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect;-Todd Rundgren, 'Dub Reggae Essentials'-Various Artists and 'Reggae Hit The Town'-The Ethiopians. Stu struck out totally. We went down the street to Borders where Stu fmanaged to find a Temptations disc.
Traffic was crazy around the Mall! Risking death and dismemberment, we blasted across four lanes of traffic to Red Robin for dinner.
I declared that I was stying in tonight to tinker with the blog, so Stu dropped me off and headed to a show at On The Boards.
Its off to work tomorrow. I'm gonna add a few pictures from the party last night and then head off to bed...

**note the spelling of BAD-ASS. TWO words not one-meaning this CD kicks ass like Lee Van Cleef!! Fa'Reals...

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