I am happy to report the Fuse Ball was a smashing success! Exceeding my expectations.
I arrived with Dan (The Electric Cowboy) around 11PM and everything was in full swing! Like stepping into another world! I was so overwhelmed that I hid out in Anna Lange's installment just until I could adjust. (Deep in the arms of Venus DeMilo, ya'know.)
So many good friends came, KMO and Lara, Caryn, Adam, Lisa, Dante and Kim, Bryan, Tabitha, Laurie B., Paula, Maggie, Antonio, Matt and Leslie, Karen, Thea, and the Children of Dyonisus all showed up looking great! I heard LaMovita laid it down in the Swamp Room and the sub_sonic boys teamed up with Lawrence (LaMovita's Bass player) and the Godfather of Seattle DJ culture, MASA for some super fat grooves.
I was really impressed by all of the awesome costumes and the creativity everyone showed. I was told there was something like 500-600 (maybe more) in attendance, including city council members Nick Licata and the MC, Judy Nicastro. (Dan Savage dropped out 'cause NW AIDS Foundation was one of the benefactors and he has been rather critical of that organization). Someone told me Paul Allen was in the joint! I got my ass grabbed by four women! One I didn't even know! WhooHoo!
I got home sometime 5:30 and went back to ConWorks at 1PM to help with the clean up. Its been a long weekend, folks...
Props to Maria (seen licking Anna) for all her amazing hard work, she put in countless hours and waded through a lot of hassles to get this thing on. And a shoutout to J. Justice, for working his ass off today on cleanup!
Wait 'til next year folks. FuseBall2 is going to be even better!
I'm posting some pictures I took, unfortunately I'm still learning how to use the camera and the lighting conditions weren't the best. Email me if you have any questions!

Correction: Adam painted his room 'Cranberry Zing', not 'Chinese Dragon Red' as reported earlier.

Quotes of the Weekend:
"What did you say?!"
"Oh-I was just telling Adam that I'd never noticed that you had such great legs before." (See for yourself)
(Pause-then sounding annoyed and off-put) "Oh....thanks."
"Well, you asked!"
"What do you mean you never noticed?!"

"Could you turn your body off so I can hear what you're saying?!"

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