I guess blogspot suffered some sort of hiccup this morning. Dozens of us were unable to publish and visitors to my weblog were unable to see it. Some of the messages on Blogger's troubleshooting message board were rather desperate as the day wore on and anxious webloggers were eager to find out just what had happened to their blogs.
On the flip side, I did hear from perhaps my biggest fan, Anna L. who sent me TWO messages telling me she couldn't live without my blog! That's love...Can Ya Feel It?!
Also, Danielle from M A R V E L G I R L 7 invited me to join her blog, cracked weblog! I will dropping in to refer the fellow listees (which includes her mother!) to things that may (or may not!) interest them.
For those of you who may care, I'd like to say I had a pretty good day at work. Spent some time learning the ends and outs of the S Chromograph 3900 and expanded my color correcting skillz in PS. Mike from our Calgary office is one heck of a nice guy and a great teacher!

Tonight, A-da-mu and I are going down to SIL2K to witness the debut of TransAtlantic IceFloe, featuring El Stu on drums, El Rob on Guitar and El Kevin on bass!
This should shred!! Yay verily...

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