Just got back from Scott Bwoy's. We had a really good time. Rev. Myron Lester's Belgian Honey White was a VERY tasty beer. My former co-worker Corine was in the house-I hadn't seen her in a long time and was glad she made it. It was Scott's friend Janelle's birthday, so we got to have some chocolate/mint cake and wish her a happy 29th too!
There were naked wimmens in the hot tub and dancing in the living room and lots of hugs and kisses for ol' Stace. Not bad.
As you can see, I'm having some problems with my blog. It displays properly in the editor but not on the actual site...I will be spending some time tomorrow either resolving those issues or making some new ones. ; P
Its almost 5AM...I'm freezing and I should REALLY hit the hay...


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