Last night was excellent! Maria, Tab, Angela, Adam and I had a lovely dinner. We had flank steak, salad, rice pilaf, sweet potato/pecan bread, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, stawberries, a nice dry red wine, Coke and Blackthorn cider. Afterward, we lit some candles and listened to jazz, trip-hop and deep house and lolled on the couches, yakking up a storm. Too bad the ladies had to work in morning!
I haven't decided what tonight's activities will be. Sensi Pete called and wants to hang out. Adam says he's staying in. Tomorrow is Carmal and Carla's birthday, so we'll have plenty of party action. Unfortunately, I have to be at work at 6AM on Sunday, so I'm gonna hafta take it easy!
OK-being something of a geek I downloaded Groove, a program that allows people to create 'virtual spaces' for file sharing, chat and even websurfing. This is great for collabroatibe projects! There are even sketchpads inside tor quickly drawing your ideas...hopefully I can get some friends to play with me online, so download it today!

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