OK-Its 4AM and I'm here in the basement freezing my nose off. Yet I must update! I must!
Thanks to the VERY lovely Thea for her kind email-too bad you won't be coming to dinner tonight-but I understand, the mountains are calling and you must answer!
I spent most of the day at ConWorks helping Adam, Nick and Tim with the final cleanup of the space. Managed to swipe a few nifty items out of the all the stuff that got left behind, including the last pinata that was hanging in the gallery. I've got more condoms and candy than I possibly could ever use, so if you need a hookup-drop me a line!
Afterwards, Adam and I met up with Tab and Ryan. It was Britpop night at The Baltic Room. We had some drinks, bobbed our heads to the music and had fine conversations. Anna, you are LAME for not showing up!
After Nadine hit the decks, we decided to leave. We stopped at the QFC and bought wine (one with "chewy tannins!"), Pringles and bridge mix and headed to Tab's small but stylish and cozy apartment, where we listened to The The's Dusk album and talked about books, erotica and music well into the night. It is all about love after all!-Thanks guys for a night sweeter than Byron Stingily's falsetto!
Leaving around 2AM, we were pleased to find it snowing (though not sticking) outside.
I look forward to tonight's little dinner gathering at La Casa De La Hombres Muy Extranos (AKA The Haus Of Intrigue). I'm making my special flank steak-marinated in honey, spices & booze!

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