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Tabitha and Stacey discuss a group trip to Snoqualmie:
"I just want this to be a really good time. Like a high school trip-Lots of cheap beer and stuff."
"Really?! I was hoping for something more decadent."
"Well, you have to understand-this cabin is really...you know, like a basic A-frame."
"Hmph, too bad. I was going to make my chicken wings in honey, curry & tahini sau-"
"OK! Let's do that then!"

I've been told on more than one occasion that I have the patience of a saint (They don't know me vewey well-do they?). I think the truth is closer to this: I have the masochistic streak of a saint...or something. I enjoy feeling like crap.
Actually, I don't really even feel like crap anymore-I'm so used to it. I just worked a 12-hour day on something like 3 hours sleep and here it is, well after 11 and I just know I'll be awake for another hour or two before I finally crash & have get up to get ready for work at 4:45AM. Yet, somehow I do the dumb things I gotta do and put my hand inside the puppet head. Or something.
I ain't complaining-Rilly! Just Stating A Fact!!
The world has turned and left me here-My roommates have abandoned our happy (and boy-smelly) ship for the pleasures of female companionship and the remainder of the three day weekend. Which sucks 'cause Adam has the toilet paper! (short version: my turn to buy-too lazy-bribed roommate)
Anyway, at times like these I think back to about twelve years ago to when I was the only one in a house of four guys without said female companionship. How I seethed at the unfairness of the Gods! How dare they fix up my crude and oafish friends with pretty and charming young ladies-leaving me to sullenly watch TV and sing "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" to myself over and over again!
These days, I'm much more serene. I'm not even bummed over getting only one valentine (Thanks Amy!). To paraphrase Sartre: "Heck is other people."
I think of my situation as a synthesis of Hugh Hefner and Fox Mulder-Constantly surrounded by beautiful women but always going home alone to his collection of porn.
I ain't complaining-Rilly! Just Stating A Fact!!
Ladies-y'all are gonna want to get with me some day.
All Leo's crave power and fame and this one is no different...When I make my move, the heavens will shake! The oceans will be tossed from their beds! Bald men will grow hair again! (oh, yeah...that's already happenin')

See?! Its started already! Or something...

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