Swooping in to make a few changes to the page. Nothing remarkable happened today...Well, except this. There's this really cute woman I know that I was sort of (whatever 'sort of' means) interested in. I got rebuffed, but a friendship was offered instead. Wanting to be gracious in an awkward situation-I took the offer. A few months went by and we both discovered that friendship wasn't something we were suited for. Complicating this further was the appearance of a new boyfriend. After a few almost harsh words were exchanged, we mutually opted out of the relationship. I'd seen her a couple of times in the last 3-4 months but nothing was ever said and I figured we'd just go on ignoring one another. Which suited me just fine.
So today I'm doing my thang, bombing around and who do I see? Its her. Right in front of me. "Hey Stacey," she says cheerfully.
Caught off guard, I managed a (hopefully nonchalant-sounding) "Hey." And quickly went on with my bid-ness...
Why do mention this? 'Cause even with her flat hair and sweats and even though I've (mentally!) called her every bad name I can think of-she is so effing beautiful! I wanted to grab her and full-on kiss her!
I am soooo weird!

PS-Frito hipped me to the target=new tag...now the Links open a new window! Wow! Neat!!

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