The weekend is here! At least for me anyway...
I had a pretty good run at work, banged out a little more than I expected to with some help from my swim-buddy Jay. It hardly seems like I was there at all.
The Ruins/Ghidra show on Monday night looks like it was a smashing success, with every hardcore music geek in Seattle there. We're talkin' guys who were into Mind Over Four, King Crimson and Voivod back in the day. I was glad I brought some earplugs, 'cause both bands were LOUD!
Today, I went out and purchesed Norton Sytemworks in a attempt to get my computer working properly. Its crashed a couple of times but seems much more stabl than before...I think next year, I'll buy a Mac laptop...


So, after being gone for several days I'm back here at work. In this dark room with no lights or windows, gettin' my scan on and listening to the late, great, Wynonie Harris. WhooHoo!
I was burnt out and tired last week and it seems like I'm not the only one. Maria has been flaking and Tab is MIA. I haven't heard from the Prof since his birthday Tuesday-but he's probably still hungover heh heh.
Yesterday, Stu and I went to see the movie "Too Much Sleep". (Review here) I guess I didn't like as much as Stu did, for the same reasons we disagree about Hal Hartley movies. I thought the acting was irritatingly amateurish and I really hate movies where you can clearly hear the screenwriters 'voice.' Stu finds these things charming, which is odd since he's a much bigger art snob than I am...ah well.
After the movie, we went out to the University District and went to all the record stores on the Ave, buying CDs and putting up posters for the upcoming Ruins/Ghidra show at SIL2K tomorrow. I bought a bunch of dub, some Squeeze, Killing Joke, Nat King Cole, Six Finger Satellite & Van Halen's 1984, which is the only CD from the DLR era that I didn't have. Now all I need is the Camaro...
Stu's ambient jazz combo was playing Sonarchy on KCMU, but I decided to go home and get some rest. I was a good boy and went to bed at 11PM. And wouldn't you know it? I could not sleep!
Anyway, I'd like to take this time to wish my beloved friend Oani "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

Quote from El Stu (while checking out a really hot woman on Queen Anne Avenue): "Back in Seattle after a long engagement elsewhere, Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for...ASS!"



Now this should be interesting. Almost like the beginning of a bad horror flick.


Jeezwhatafookinordeal. So after replacing the motherboard, hardrive, CPU and power supply (to the tune of $600), it appears that the source of my computer woes was-ready for this? The soundcard. I have always believed that evil up close is usually mundane and this, my friends is the proof! Fortunately, my new mobo has sound built in, so I will be ripping the little bastard out as soon as I get a chance. I shall GREATLY enjoy flinging it as far and as hard as I can and watching it disintergrate on the pavement, believe you me!
These are some strange times, lemmetellya. The yin & yang is swirling about, making my head spin! A friend and I had a misunderstanding-yet, after talking it out I feel closer to her than ever before. We've had an AWESOME spring so far, yet we face a drought. Last weekend while at the cabin, I was felt introverted and wanted to hide from everyone. Today, I can't wait to see my friends! Life is feels good now, but when I expand my view beyond my circle of love, there's some serious shit goin' on out there. (Spend a few minutes on Metafilter or Salon if ya dinna ken what I mean.)
Some would say this is life-that things are always this way, but I have never felt it so acutely before. Its this part of growing older? Being aware of my mortality? Or something else?
Enough comtemplation for now...'Cause tonight is Professor Tim's (AKA Cap'n Piledriver) 35th birthday. We're going to the Frontier Room ta get messed and celebrate a guy who's brain is almost as big as his heart!

I gotta grip of pix to put up. Some are from the the Crystal trip. A few from my excursion with Maria to Fremont, then the Market on Tuesday and the rest are the survivors of the ferry trip over to Whidbey a few weeks ago. I've got a few ideas for the blog so look for some changes soon. And email me with any questions or comments...


Updating from work...Yeah, I'm on vacation until the 25th, but my poor computer is still having problems. The repair guy, Keith, thinks its my motherboard. So he's replacing it. I plan to upgrade to a 750 or higher in the near future. I just want the damn thing to work!
I just got in from a little getaway at Tab's friend's cabin near Crystal, about 50 miles away from Seattle. It was OK. I didn't snowboard like I'd planned, but the change of scenery was nice. I have a few pictures I'll be putting up when and if I get my machine back.
So if all went well, I'll be up and running sometime tomorrow!



I haven't updated in awhile, due to some computer problems. After digging around in poor PALATINE's guts for a couple of days, I got fed up and took it to a repair shop. It should be back in a day or two. In the meantime, I've been reading Lilith's Brood and doing the usual.
Wednesday was Calliopie at I-Spy, a night of spoken word, music, singing and dancing put on by some local female. I was really impressed by the show, especially Lady Peace's spoken word performances. Each time she got up, the annoyingly chatty crowd would quiet down to hear her drop science. Sensi Pete was in the house and as usual, it was good to see him.
On Thursday, Tab, Maria, Stu, Tim, Angela, Adam, Hanna and I participated in Dine Out For Life a benefit for The Chicken Soup Brigade. We went to the Maple Leaf Grill and donated a portion of the bill which will help them help peolpe suffering from AIDS. Afterwards, we went and got our drink on at Barca, where DJ Swank was on the decks. Tab gave shit about not making eye contact-I was feeling shy that night-so I gave her shit about voting for Bush.
Friday, I had to come into work for a meeting. I found out my manager Matt F. was heading to Sydney for a couple of months to manage one of the offices until they get a replacement. Jason filled us in on the new G4's we're getting and I got to check out Lou's new G4 laptop-SWEET! Afterwards, I went over to the Triangle and yakked with some the other heads I work with while I waited for Jason to get off work. He and I then went to meet Neil, Paula, Merjan and her roommate Angela, Richard, Chad, Patty, Chris and Gopie and then caught the Doves show at the Croc. I guess the band decided not to try and recreate the moody atmospherics of the album and decided to pull a Geezer Butler instead. Talk about LOUD!
On Saturday I got up early and went to help Tabitha and her mother move some stuff from their house on Bainbridge to their new place in town. The ferry ride to Winslow was awesome, the sun was out and Tab and I wandered around talking about work, the media and her childhood. I hadn't been out to the Brainbridge house in almost two years and we were both unpleasantly surprised by all the developments.
They didn't have much heavy 'man-stuff' to move, so after Tab, Hanna and I got the house clear we wasted a lot of daylight on dump and Goodwill runs. I had to be back home at 5 for a jam session with the fellas, so the ladies had to empty the truck themselves. I felt bad about it,
but if we didn't get in a practice now, we would have to wait two weeks until the next one, due to the upcoming trip to Snoqualmie. I was pretty much wiped out and stayed in last night.
Next week, I'm on vacation! WhooHoo!


Headline: Female rappers war like men. Showing the world that the ladies can be STUPID too. *sigh*


One of the guys I work with just showed us this, a movie showing some of the damage from last Wednesday's earthquake.


Yesterday, (Saturday) I blew off paintball (oh, I'm gonna catch heck for that tomorrow!) and went up to Whidbey Island for my Big Sister Amy's husband's Birthday. Ty turned 30 years old and we partied at Amy's aunt's cabin. I brought Ty a bottle of Don Julio Tah-kill-ya. I hadn't seen him and Amy in over a year (sad, considering they only live 10 blocks away) and I also got to see Patty, who I hadn't seen in 2 months (sad-'cause we work for the same company) and my beloved friend Heidi (not sad, but I missed her all the same.)
There was lots of food and the cabin was right on the beach. I'll be posting some pics I took soon.

Only 4 more days 'til the Doves show at the Croc!! I'm so psyched for this! They'll have tonight's Toronto gig archived, but I'll wait until next week to watch it.


Oddcast Host Workshop allows you to create a virtual you! (Sort of)...Intriguing...and a little creepy. (via MeFi)
I spent the day puttering around the house and yakking with Adam. We had lunch at the Pho Bac joint up the street (Better that sex, cheaper and easier to get, too!). I stopped by the computer store and was somewhat chagrined to find that the $200 40GB Seagate ATA100 drive I bought was not the source of my computer problems. Now I think its actually one of the $3 fans. I took the side panel off the machine and its running just fine! I didn't return the drive, however, I'm going to use it for backup.
Around 7pm, I went downtown to meet my longtime friend Jennifer L. and some coworkers who'd took their boss out for a send-off at the Pink Door in Post Alley.
The joint is a little too upscale for my tastes, but it was looking to be that kind of night. El Stu showed up a little later, as did Marcus J. and his friend Jason.
We all hung out for awhile, then around 9-we decided to head up to Capitol Hill for Carmel's belated birthday party at The Capitol Club. I've never been fond of the CC. Its the kind of joint Microsofties go on a first date to impress them with how much money they can spend on scotch. Also, its not a very big place-so being elbow to elbow with the kind of people you really don't have much in common with is a taxing situation. Fortunately, Carmel, James & Co. took up most of the room.
We stood around for awhile until a table opened up. Aaron and Laurie B. joined us.
It was a good night, until Marcus took off without saying goodbye to Jen. She hadn't seen him in three years and was really upset. I brought her back here to sober up, then took her back to her car downtown.


Can somebody explain to me what was up with Mardi Gras this year?! I've lived in this city my whole freakin' life, and NOTHING has ever gone down like the shit this year.
Its like people lost they minds! I saw a clip on the news of this guy kicking the crap out of another-over what?! I decided to avoid Pioneer Square (Fratboy Central) altogether on Tuesday and take in Blast!/Protoplasm at I-Spy/Nation. Reggie Watts of Maktub and members of Ota Prota were jamming and J Justice and Free were on the 1 & 2 upstairs. I dunno why, but Free wanted to argue about the election and Nader's role in it. I took the bait-like a dummy.
Fortunately, I got distracted by all the friends coming in. X-tina,Scott, James, Caryn, Carmel, Lisa, Laurie B., Tim, Jamie, Dan, Angela, Adam & Matt D. were all there.
We did some dancin' & drinkin' and I went home happy.
Only to awake to an earthquake!
I was lying in bed-I don't know if I awoke before or after it started, but since most of the quakes I've been in were short, I thought I'd stay put until it passed. After several seconds, it occurred to me that this was out of the ordinary, and that I should get my ass into a doorway. So I jumped up and braced myself in the doorway of my bedroom.
feeling and hearing the house roll and twist all around me, like I was on a wooden boat. I wasn't scared-but I remember thinking that if it got worse and the house fell in on me that I'd die in my boxer shorts, how uncool! But deep down I felt no fear-I knew somehow that nothing bad was going to happen to me.
After everything settled down, I yelled "Whee! Again!!" I went into the living room. Out of the front window, I saw a little girl tearing down the sidewalk. Then the kids from the school across the street gathered in the playground, chattering excitedly.
I noticed that a vase had fallen of the bookshelf and broken but there didn't appear to be any further damage.
I called my Mother and a couple of friends to see if everyone was alright. Dan called to check on the house.
Then I went back to bed...