Can somebody explain to me what was up with Mardi Gras this year?! I've lived in this city my whole freakin' life, and NOTHING has ever gone down like the shit this year.
Its like people lost they minds! I saw a clip on the news of this guy kicking the crap out of another-over what?! I decided to avoid Pioneer Square (Fratboy Central) altogether on Tuesday and take in Blast!/Protoplasm at I-Spy/Nation. Reggie Watts of Maktub and members of Ota Prota were jamming and J Justice and Free were on the 1 & 2 upstairs. I dunno why, but Free wanted to argue about the election and Nader's role in it. I took the bait-like a dummy.
Fortunately, I got distracted by all the friends coming in. X-tina,Scott, James, Caryn, Carmel, Lisa, Laurie B., Tim, Jamie, Dan, Angela, Adam & Matt D. were all there.
We did some dancin' & drinkin' and I went home happy.
Only to awake to an earthquake!
I was lying in bed-I don't know if I awoke before or after it started, but since most of the quakes I've been in were short, I thought I'd stay put until it passed. After several seconds, it occurred to me that this was out of the ordinary, and that I should get my ass into a doorway. So I jumped up and braced myself in the doorway of my bedroom.
feeling and hearing the house roll and twist all around me, like I was on a wooden boat. I wasn't scared-but I remember thinking that if it got worse and the house fell in on me that I'd die in my boxer shorts, how uncool! But deep down I felt no fear-I knew somehow that nothing bad was going to happen to me.
After everything settled down, I yelled "Whee! Again!!" I went into the living room. Out of the front window, I saw a little girl tearing down the sidewalk. Then the kids from the school across the street gathered in the playground, chattering excitedly.
I noticed that a vase had fallen of the bookshelf and broken but there didn't appear to be any further damage.
I called my Mother and a couple of friends to see if everyone was alright. Dan called to check on the house.
Then I went back to bed...

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